Vincent Peters is known for his seductive, sensual approach through his camera lens, while creating images of classics, recapturing “Hollywood glamour”, and using his knowledge of the light to his advantage.  “Light is glamorous”, says Vincent.

Vincent's career began in humble beginnings wanting to follow his passion of art and the opportunity to become a fashion photographer using his girlfriend as part of his portfolio.  Vincent’s passion took him around the world for that one “big break”, and it landed him a fashion ad that would change his whole career.

Vincent has done work for editorials: French Vogue, L’ Uomo, Italian Vogue, British Vogue, GQ, and Face magazine, also clients: Miu Miu, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, and Celine, and photographed celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, David Beckham, and Hillary Swank, to name a few.

I had the opportunity to ask Fashion Photographer Vincent Peters a few brief questions about his life, how he views his work, and if he has any advice for aspiring fashion photographers.


Model: Actress Leighton Meesters

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: I know that you have been in the industry for some years now, but how long have you been a fashion photographer?

Vincent Peters:  I started around 11 yrs ago - I used to try the art world before and did expos in galleries but I never liked the ' art scene ‘....

EFM:  Can you tell me a little about your journey as a photographer from when you began to now?

VP: Very difficult to cut 20yrs in a few lines.  I started as an assistant in Germany because I was waiting for a place in art school.  I got impatient and decided to move to New York, then waited - I have too many memories to reduce it to a solid phrase, but I stayed a few more years and then went to Paris.  While living there I did exhibitions.  When I needed money, I took pictures of my girlfriend, and shortly following, I met Giovanni Testino and shot the “Miu Miu” advertising.  I moved to London, worked for the 'face ' and suddenly I was deep into the business.  "I don’t think that’s the best way to remember it all."


Model: Isabelli Fontana


Model: Isabelli Fontana


Model: Isabelli Fontana (German Vogue)

EFM: Where do you now reside?

VP: I live in Ibiza which usually needs a long explanation that I am not the party guy and that it’s actually a beautiful place and 10 month a year a very quiet island...

EFM: Do you have a favorite camera you like to use, if so what is it?

VP: I shoot everything on a Mamyia 6x7 - never used anything else - I don’t do digital I really don’t like the quality.

EFM: When I view your work I see pure sensuality; you capture true beauty.  How would you describe your style as a photographer?

VP: I think to describe your style is like to describe yourself almost uncomfortable and revealing in a way personal - I rather find out about myself looking at my pictures or people tell me about it... when u say " pure sensuality think... "Ah ... well is that me?   I guess... “The beauty is that we look in a mirror every time we take a picture, and still see someone else every time.


La Perla advertising


EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring fashion photographers?

VP: Changing the profession as much as the difference of being a army pilot or a British airways pilot, the business or requirements are very heavy on every production and all we do is commissioned work so there is the ambition to shine some personality through the work. I think the work today become too technical and finally the vision of the woman or rather person we shoot is after all the only true definitive style someone has. I think every great photographer defines his own idea of people and that defines his pictures and him.


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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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