Oliver Rauh is a well-rounded individual who works in all aspects of the fashion industry.  Living and working in Germany, he has branded himself with titles such as creative director, marketing-manager, advertising director.  Oliver has an eye for creating images that one can only imagine.  Qvest Magazine thought as much by making him the fashion director for four issues, which is one of the leading magazines in Germany.  With all of his talent and so many things that he has done, he is also a photographer.  He has already broken into the fashion photography world with international magazines like Neo2, and Cream or Attitude. Throughout this interview and images, you will read and see the mind of the creativity of Oliver’s work.

EFM: How did you get into the fashion industry?

OR: Actually I had my first contact to the fashion industry when I was about 4 years old as a kid model. But I really started my career in the fashion-business when I was 16. I started working some hours per week in a fashion company. Quite early the owner recognized my creativity when I came back during my studies of economics; and within a short time I became pr-director and when I was 24 marketing-manager of the house. I had the chance that someone believed in me.

EFM: How long have you been a fashion photographer?

OR: Photography is one of my passions (also when I had my first covers). Actually I work freelance as creative director, style-consultant (fashion & interior) / stylist and Fashion editor.

And soon I will probably start as teacher on a fashion school.

I feel honored if you call me photographer. But I learned my way of taking pictures by doing and making mistakes.  The above mentioned jobs are what I learned and studied. As you know, I studied economics and marketing. Some of my friends gave me the title "creative mind", perhaps that’s a good description of my work and being. 

EFM: What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

OR: To create beautiful things and to do it with passion and mostly great people.

EFM: What is your day like?

OR: It depends. But normally I get up and I am happy. Actually I laugh a lot and people say my laugh is remarkable (smiles). And I need one cup of coffee, some good music and a nice shower. Then email check, phone calls and....a) photo studio, fashion shows or any fair or press day.....b) reading magazines and books, chatting, exhibitions, meeting friends and being happy about the wonderful world we live in and getting inspired. 

EFM: How do you prep for a photo-shoot? 

OR: The most important thing is to create a great team to have a good aura and harmony on the set. So casting, art buying, photographer, styling-assistance, model, make-up etc.....are important parts of a fantastic shoot. And of course you should have a theme or idea in your mind. Sometimes I have an idea and search the corresponding photographer - in most cases - , model etc.....sometimes I decide to shoot myself or the magazine asks me to shoot. But still, then I, often book someone else as my idea of the pictures is not my kind of photography.....so at the end the best result is the most important thing.

Photographed and Styled by Oliver Rauh


EFM: What is your latest project?

OR: Actually the coming two days I style a wonderful editorial for "plaza"-magazine with German photographers Mierswa-Kluska, on Sunday I shoot  myself a promotion for "diesel black gold", on Monday I style an editorial for German "SZ-Magazine" with Anja Frers and on Tuesday I style an advertising campaign, Wednesday I shoot an editorial for Italian "sport & street" etc..... 

EFM: Who have you worked with? 

OR: As pr-director, marketing-manager or advertising-director and creative director I worked for brands such as Brendel, Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Baldessarini, Christian Lacroix, windsor, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Interlübke, Piure, Strellson etc. 

Photographers I worked with: Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Mikael  Jansson, Mikako Koyama, Jonas Unger, Andreas Hosch, Mierswa-Kluska, Anja Frers, Denis Pernath, Uli Heckmann, Peter Jacob,  Margaretha Olschewski, Alexander Gnä Dinger, Guido Mocafico, Fabien baron, René & Radka, Julia Saller etc....... 

Magazines I work (ed) for: Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Glamour, Cream, Oyster, Dealer Deluxe, Bag, Die Presse, Diva, Bolero, Zink, H, Neo2, Zero, Front, SZ-Magazine, Gloss, Fashion, Click-In, Maxim, JNC, Zoot, Indie, Material Girl, Pool, Massiv, Kult, B-Guided, Neue Züricher Zeitung, Straight, First, Attitude, Faces, Dedicate, Style & The Family Tunes, Qvest, Sport & Street, Numero etc.... 

EFM: Where do you see yourself in this industry? 

OR: I see myself as passionate creative and professional mind who guarantees positive energy, and a good job. And I see myself in great teams with amazing photographers, stylists and hair-makeup-artists everywhere in the world. Wherever destiny brings me.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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