Michele Laurita began her career as a child actor, studying alongside classmates Elisabeth Shue, Sean Penn, Luara Dern, and Jennifer Connelly.

Michele was a successful actress in her own right, but photography is her true passion, as she states on her site “I love acting, and I took it very seriously, but I had this other thing tugging at me”.

While acting, Michele started to document the cast members around her with a hand camera and thus her love for photography blossomed.  Michele did not study photography in college, but she was fortunate to have a brother-in-law who taught her about photography and how to use lighting. The movie “In Cold Blood” had an impact on how she uses lighting today.   After learning and mastering the art of photography, she has composed and created impressive and flawless images.

Michele photographed for Rolling Stone, Glamour Magazine, Hollywood Magazine, Wallpaper, Inside Weddings, Elle Magazine, and GQ Magazine. Michele also did portraits of Patrick Dempsey, Oscar Winners, Ben Affleck, Jamie Fox, Nicholas Cage, Terrence Howard, Andre 3000, Ellen Degeneres, and Jessica Beil to name a few.

Michele is also a Cinematographer and Director; she directed videos for Alanis Morrisette that appeared on MTV, directed of photography for HBO, and created the photo graphics for the Steven Spielberg film “Minority Report”.

I was delighted to interview Michele Laurita, and glad she took time out of her schedule to answer my questions.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Tell me a little about your journey as a photographer from when you began until now?

Michele Laurita: I started as a child actor and started documenting all that I saw, pretty soon I was more interested in the art-form of photography then acting. It just took over my life.

EFM: What inspires you?

ML: Color, music, pretty much anything that is sensorial.

EFM: How do you prepare for a photo-shoot?

ML: Oh my God How long do you have? I meditate on the images before I create them basically.

EFM: What is your typical day like?

ML: Researching art.

EFM: Why does lighting play such a big part in photography?

ML: Without which there is no photography. It is Photography.

EFM: Describe your style as a photographer?

ML: My mood at the time. It seems to change very rapidly. My style is I suppose from 1970's film stocks of films.

EFM: What is the best thing you like about being a photographer?

ML: The ability to be fiscally reimbursed for being creative. That has always blown my mind.

EFM: What would you consider your most favorite photo-shoot?

ML: Oh my God I have so many, maybe everyone with an actor.



EFM: What tips can you give to take a great photo?

ML: The emotion is in you. The way it makes you ponder and explore.

EFM: Who are some of your favorite photographers?

ML:  Hands down Irving Penn.

EFM: Do you have a favorite painter?

ML:  I do. It is Marc Chagall.

EFM: Do you think fashion and art go hand in hand?

ML: Absolutely.

EFM: What do you do in your spare time?

ML: Research art forms, go to films, and redecorate my house!

EFM: Black and white or color?

ML: Both.




EFM: Location or studio; and why?

ML: Studio, I love to create from the ground up.

EFM: What advice can you give to an aspiring photographer?

ML: Play.

EFM: Are there any new projects that you are currently working on?

ML: A possible documentary film on a famous Photographer. Have to wait on getting the rights to continue.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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