Ted Gibson is known for his hair trends and his red carpet show stoppers.  With celebrity A-list clientele; Gabriella Union, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, Keria Knightly, Anne Hathaway; he has established himself as a well-known world renowned  hair stylist.

Ted has worked on numerous Editorials': Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair.  Fashion shows: Chanel, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana to mention a few.

He recently styled fashion shows for Fall 2009 collaborating with designers: Lela Rose, Carlos Campos, Vena Cava, Jenni Kane, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Tony Cohen.

Fall 2009 hair trends are "super cool & super 80's", he says.

Photos by: Dennis Ho Hair Stylist: Ted Gibson Vena Cava Fashion Show Fall 2009

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me about your journey, as a hair stylist, when you began to now?

Ted Gibson: I have been a hairdresser for 20 years and love the beauty business.  I went to barber school 1st to learn the importance of haircutting with clippers.  Worked in a barber shop on a Military Base doing fades, flattops and men's haircutting.  Moved to Austin Tx to be an apprentice learning all forms of haircutting, perms, and relaxers.  Studying very hard then got the chance to go on the floor to build my clientele.  I built it very rapidly and discovered I was very good at it.  I decided that I wanted to move to MPLS to work for AVEDA.  I worked for AVEDA for 7 yrs.  During that 7 yrs I taught basic cosmetology, became a Global Trainer, developed product and wrote curriculum.  Aveda moved me to NYC to run their 2 salons in Manhattan.  After several months I decided to leave AVEDA and do hair for fashion.  I did shows in Milan, London, Paris and NYC.  Started building a really good name for myself in editorial working with publications like Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle etc. Did many covers and started morning with celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Demi Moore, etc.  Open my 1st salon in NYC 5 yrs ago.  Just opened my 2nd in 2009 in Washington DC, My 3rd in Ft Lauderdale in the summer partnering with the W Hotel. Launched Ted Gibson beauty.. products that are sold at Sephora and Target.

EFM: After being in this business for years; what is the most exciting moment you’ve had?

TG: Too many to mention.. I work with the most beautiful women in the world inside my salon and out.

Photos by: Nathan Bush Hair Stylist: Ted Gibson Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2009

EFM: How does it feel to be called world renowned hair stylist?

TG: I have worked my entire life for this it feels GREAT and I am honored.

EFM: You haven’t always had a huge team working with you at fashion shows.  Do you remember your first fashion show you worked on?

TG: Yes, in Milan for Miu Miu.

EFM: How do you prep for photo-shoots and fashion shows?

TG: I carry a BIG kit around with me that has my favorite products like hairsheet, curling irons and flatirons, and my new hair extensions that I just launched on QVC.

Ted Gibson's Hairsheet Product

Ted Gibson and his team behind to Lela Rose Fall 2009 Fashion Show

EFM: How hectic can it be behind the scenes; and how do you keep it all together and organized?

TG: You are only as good as your team!! It takes a village!!

EFM: We know you as the “celebrity” hair stylist.  Tell me something that we don’t know about you?

TG: That I am very shy.

 Ted Gibson, 2009 Oscar Nominated Actress Anne Hathaway at The Last Emperor premiere  

EFM: What tips can you give to keep hair looking healthy and what products should we buy from your line?

TG: Always Rinse with Cool Water.  Use a product that will help with Environmental influences like hairsheet.  It will change your life and make it simple.

EFM: What hair advice can you give to short haired women, who do not look that great in extensions?  Is there anything they can do to their hair to make it more vibrant?

TG: Take biotin!!  I recommend it for all my girls who want to grow their hair.

EFM: Where did your mantra “beauty is individual” come from?

TG: Because I truly believe that I can  find something beautiful in all women.  I try in my work to bring out their most beautiful selves.

EFM: There are many aspiring hair stylists out there that are dying to work with you and aspire to be you.  What advice can you give them?

TG: Never give up.  It gets harder the more successful you are.

EFM: Can you tell us about any new projects and products that you are currently working on?

TG: Working on a new line of products that will be launched in the fall.  Top Secret!!!


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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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