Michael Fisch journey began when his father gave him his old Superb Pentax camera, which was Michael’s very first camera.  Not knowing that his destiny was being fulfilled, he embarked into the world of fashion photography.

With his captivating images, surrounded by breath-taking locations, Michael has planted his feet where the world can see his creative work.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: What is your perception on art and fashion?

Michael Fisch: In my opinion art and fashion should go together and complete each other to form one integrated piece.  Sometimes the connection between them is so natural and fascinating that they cannot stand on their own.  On the other hand, unfortunately, in many cases, the commercial aspect fully dominates leaving no room for art, creativity and innovation. 

EFM:  How do you relate fashion to your everyday life?

MF: Fashion is everything and not just clothes, shoe wear and accessories.  Fashion is people, fashion is street, fashion is food, fashion is design, music and films.  Fashion is everything that is happening around us.  Fashion is inseparable from my life and from the life of all of us, and it influences us if we want it or not. By the way, it is exactly like technology.

EFM: How often do you travel?

MF: After travels to the Far East, Australia and U.S., in recent years I have been making efforts to visit Europe twice-three times a year.  I like very much to feel the place, the atmosphere, the people and daily life.   I try to use my time abroad also for shooting, mutual work with local teams and for making contacts.  I feel much attached to European urban scenery, to the unique light and of course to the European beautiful women.

EFM: Where do you think that your in-depth for creating such images comes from?

 MF: My inspiration can derive from everything or nothing.  I am influenced by the street, the people, locations, views, films and unexpected daily situations.  But I can just as well get my inspiration from "nothing", for example, from staring at the wall.  My inspiration is not something that can be defined; it's simply there or not, similarly to moods.

EFM: Do you feel that your work is simply art first then entwined into fashion? Or, is it just a personal preference of how one views your work?

 MF: My attitude is a very artistic one.  I always want to create something different, new, refreshing and unexpected.  By the way my expectations from new music, films, food and anything related to creativity in general are the same.  It is really important to me to be challenged, surprised and impressed by all these.  It is important for me to be lead to new places that I did not experience or know before.  Even if it is a fashion commercial project with defined objectives, I will always try to give a different and personal touch to it.  I find myself very often explaining to a client that his designs merit much more than just another regular studio shooting, and still suit the commercial needs.  To summarize, I can say that I prefer not to impose the concept on the viewer and to let him interpret my work from his point of view.   

EFM: When I view your work, I get lost into the image trying to imagine being at the very same location. How do you come up with your breath-taken locations?

MF: The truth is that the locations are everywhere we are.  Some of the locations I look for especially for a specific project, some of them are locations I know and wait for opportunities to shoot there and others I find totally by chance.  I find it is more important to make the right usage of a location than to define it as a "good" or "bad" location.

EFM: How did the idea come about organizing photo-shoots at the Hermon Mountain and Jerusalem Mountains?

 MF: The idea to shoot on the Hermon Mountain came because we were looking to create a unique production for a specific magazine, and for this we had to wait for the first significant snow in this beautiful area.  The Jerusalem Mountains were chosen after a long day of search for a totally different location.  But when we saw the sheep on the mountain along the road, we decided to shoot there.  

EFM: You have so many talents that you can go to one extreme to the other.  Do you find it difficult to just define yourself as a fashion photographer?

MF: I do not feel myself just a fashion photographer.  When I am asked what I do, I always reply that I am a photographer. Of course, the next question to follow is "what do you photograph…"

EFM: You are a very rare breed, when it comes to creating such images.  Are there other extraordinary locations that you would like to conduct other photo-shoots?

MF: I believe that there are many locations where I would be happy to shoot , but to be honest I cannot describe one specific location.  As I said before there are locations all around us and one simply needs to know how and when to use them.  It would be great to shoot in moon or mars, but I still could not find the budget for that…

EFM: With this entire God given talent; where do you see yourself in the near future?

MF: To be honest this is a difficult question.  There is a big difference between where I would want and could find myself in the future and what reality dictates.  Right now I feel that I am far from maximizing my potential.  I would like to have the opportunities to be exposed to new and larger audiences.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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