Mikhael Kale attended London's Central Saint Martins. His work is hand made.  He follows through with every detail of his work.  Mikhael was part of the "new designer event" in New York associated with I.D. Magazine where he designed a jacket line.

Mikhael's designs have been worn by Ciara, Beyonce, and he has worked with Antonio Marras in Milan, and Alessandro De Benedetti and Sergio Gucci for Exte in Milan. 


Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Tell me about your journey as a fashion designer
from when you began to now?

Mikhael Kale: I was born and raised in Toronto, but chose to study in London. I found myself drawn to British designers, so I attended Central Saint Martins. However, I never completed the program. Instead I chose to travel to Milano and learn traditional sewing, tailoring and pattern drafting.  It was after approximately three years in Italy and a stint as fashion design assistant at Exte, that I decided to start my own label.  I returned to Toronto with focus on NYC, and began
Mikhael Kale.

EFM: Where does your inspiration come from?

MK: I am inspired by women. The reason for my interest in
women's wear.

EFM: Do you think that art and fashion goes hand and
hand; if so how?

MK: I know that I create garments that express my thoughts and (hope) to convey my conceptual approach.  I suppose this depends upon your definition of art and fashion.  Both art and fashion have become quite complex as mediums, both have their mass and sub markets.  So...I don't have an answer to this questions, I just believe fashion should make one feel.

EFM: Can you briefly describe the process of creating
one piece?

MK: Usually happens at my machine, alone. I prefer to begin with a researched concept, a given fabric, and a technique.

EFM: When making a piece, can it become intense at

MK: Always.

EFM: How important is it to be able to make your own samples; are there any pros and cons to it?

MK: Extremely important to me.  I worked as a design assistant in past, so have worked in both small and large scale environments.  I choose to sew all my samples.  I do because I feel a greater connection to the collection.  It's an intimacy I've never been able to explain.  I am responsible for the process, so I understand it; and can then discuss it.  It is where the majority of the work exists, and I am excited by challenge.


EFM: What type of women does Mikhael Kale design for?

MK: All women. Every woman is a Mikhael Kale woman.

EFM: Can you describe your personal style?

MK: Evolving structure.

EFM: How do you find time to relax; and what do you do in your spare time?

MK: Easy question. There is none, I sew because its therapeutic and a true desire.

EFM: What inspired you to create your spring/summer and fall/winter 2009 collection?

MK: SS09 was inspired by the Baltic sea. I was drawn to its depth and texture. FW09 was inspired by the Paso doble. I  was drawn to the tension that exists between the pair of dancers.

EFM: Can you tell us what we can expect to see for spring/summer 2010 collection?

MK: Stay tuned!

EFM: There are many fashion designers out there who want to reach your level; what business advice can you give?

MK: Its a very difficult time for young independent designers. One must do this for the love of it.
I work tirelessly because I'm moved by garment design.  It's a very cheap high.

SINGERS CIARA (on the right)  & BEYONCE (on the left)


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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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