Emilio Lacroze graduated from Escuela Superior de Cretivos Publicitarios (School of Creative Advertising).  He continued his studies in Espacio Buenos Aires under the teaching of Fashion Stylist Florence Arguello.  He has gained experience in styling and image and apply it to the contemporary world. 

Emilio is a perfectionist and is passionate about his work.  His work is versatile and detailed.  Emilio has collaborated with Brando, Sophia, 90 +10, D-mode, and Catalogue Book to name a few.  Some of his work has been featured on EFM's homepage.

Photographer: Nacho  Stylist: Emilio Lacroze

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: How did your career start as a fashion stylist?

Emilio Lacroze: I started out as booker and scout for South American Models (now Rebel Management). During my years in the agency, I began to get involved with fashion thanks to Rosario who introduced me into that world. At the same time I started studying Art Direction and Fashion Styling and this combination provided me with full knowledge and enough contacts so to decide and continue my growth in that direction and finally launch myself to the market as a fashion stylist.

EFM: Have you always had a passion for fashion?

EL: I can recall as a kid being attracted to how people looked. Now I am an obsessive analytic investigator of fashion. I know I was born for this.

EFM: Do you think being a fashion stylist is self taught; or do you have to have an “eye” for fashion?

EL: Have to have an eyes  for fashion principally , And second to be prepared and to study looking fashion all the time.

EFM: Where do you get your inspiration?

EL: I get my inspiration from life itself. I do analyze music videos, movies ... I have always seen musicians as an inspiration for trends in fashion.

EFM: What is your typical day like?

EL: I live through my mobile phone making calls all day long, walking, looking for clothes, thinking, listening to music, meditating, eating and sleeping.

EFM: How do you prepare for a photo-shoot?

EL: I get online as soon as I wake up, browse photos international editorials in search for references, and talk to the local magazines and press and model agencies. I also contact hair and make-up and after I go in search of the clothes together with my crew, leaving everything set for the photo-shoot.

Photographer: Antonela Arismendi Stylist: Emilio Lacroze

EFM: Every stylist knows that you have to be overly prepared when on location; what is in your “kit” right now?

EL: Metal clasps, thread and needles, paper tape, scissors, and always god humor.

EFM: What is the "must" have accessory?

EL: A hat always looks nice.

EFM: What are the latest fashion trends right now in Argentina?

EL: Plaid, motorcycle boots and boots with laces (like Dr. Martens).

EFM: How do you keep yourself up beat while working long hours?

EL: Any way I can...jaja

EFM: Where do you see yourself in five years in the fashion industry?

EL: I see myself working for the best European magazines. I'm already planning to be there by October this year so wait for me and contact me through my web site www.emiliolacroze.com.ar

EFM: What is your advice for an aspiring fashion stylist?

EL: To never lose hope, work hard, and believe in yourself and your talent...and whatever anyone says never let go until you become the best.

Photographer: Malcolm Mac Gibbon Stylist: Emilio Lacroze

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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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