Hemant & Nandita are two very talented fashion designers based in India.  They both received their fashion degrees at NIFT (New Delhi) and began to work for other designers to gain experience.  Hemant worked with fashion designer Aparna Jagdhari Wangdi and Nandita worked with designer Malini Ramani.  Coming from a small town, the duo decided that it was time to come together and launch their own clothing line.


Hemant & Nandita Spring/Summer 2009

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Exclusively Fashion Magazine: What made you two decide to collaborate together?

Hemant & Nandita: It was destiny which brought us together, though we studied together and we were best pals, we never thought of collaborating  till the time we ended up designing similar evening gowns for one of the projects given to us.  I feel it was the chemistry between us which brought us together....

EFM: What is the designing process like for the both of you?

H & N: We first try to take some inspiration from our surroundings and secondly we feel the women, we are designing for, who needs the attention where ever she goes. Hence the designs comes...

EFM: What can we expect to see in spring/summer 2010 collection?

H & N: For the first time we are making resort wear collection so lot of flowy silhouettes like kaftans, tunics, sarongs etc with colourful hand paint..Which is our forte.

EFM: Can you both describe your personal style?

H & N: Our style is just be yourself and carry whatever you can in the best way.

EFM: What type of women are you designing for?

H & N: Our woman needs a lot of attention...she feels she is on top of the world when she wears our creation...she is hip, modern, extrovert and ready to rock the whole world.


Hemant & Nandita Spring/Summer 2009


Hemant & Nandita Spring/Summer 2009

EFM: What are the fashion trends in India?

H & N: Cool, chic and western silhouettes but with hint of Indian a sensibility that’s makes it different from all over the world......currently purple as a colour is very hot in India... 

EFM: What do the two of you do in your spare time?

H & N: Though we make sure we never have a spare time  but when we have Hemant loves watching movie and  Nandita loves browsing magazines and reading books (currently reading THE SECRET)....

EFM: What are the pros and cons of starting a clothing line?        

H & N: Pros is that u r a creator...which gives you a lot of satisfaction and liberty to design whatever u want and cons are that u have to be creative every time and keep creating   new things again and again  so the pros and cons are the same thing.. in our trade...

EFM: What business advice can you give to aspiring fashion designers?

H & N: Be creative and original .....this is one field where u have to come with new ideas every time and that’s the ongoing process...so just concentrate and keep experimenting ....one day u will also become big......till then best of luck...


Hemant & Nandita Sprinf/Summer 2009 


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Interview by Rochell “E” James





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