Claudia is based in Germany and works as a stylist and deputy fashion director for one of Germans most popular fashion magazines.  She collaborates with a great group of people.  I was very interested in the magazine for about a few months and wanted to interview the stylist and editor of Tush. 

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: You are the fashion editor of Tush magazine; can you tell me how your career as a stylist and editor began?

Claudia Scholtan: I started my career as a model  during my studies , but I didn’t like it that much.  During a beauty-shoot an editor of „young miss“ magazine asked me if I am interested in assisting her for the magazine. I liked this idea so much better than just looking pretty... So I said „yes“ and started to work for one of the biggest publishing houses in Germany, Gruner & Jahr. At this time I was 22 years old and I assisted her for two more years, then I started working as a junior fashion editor. After three years I changed to a women’s magazine called „maxi“, but I always dreamed of working for a high fashion magazine.  One day, the fashion director from German „Elle“ called me and I moved from Hamburg to Munich after four years of working for „Maxi“.  But after two years of working for „Elle“, I got homesick, my boyfriend was still in Hamburg and as a real hanseatic girl I just wanted to return to the north. So after two years I returned to Hamburg, worked there two more years as a fashion director for „Woman“ Magazine and then I decided to work as a freelance stylist, which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Both, the freelance work and also my work for TUSH magazine as deputy fashion editor completes my idea of a perfect job.

EFM: How do you come up with the fashion concepts for Tush magazine?

CS: We are a very small group of creative people working for Tush, most of us are freelancers and working a lot with international people for different brands and business. That gives us a lot of input and of course we share.  My husband has a photographer agency www.kstiegemeyer.net and I see a lot of nice shoots from his photographers which inspire me as well. I also get inspired by the fashion shows of course and the people around me.   Sometimes the biggest inspiration lies in the little things such as, the street, restaurants, music and of course, sometimes I have a look at some fashion blogs.

EFM: What is Claudia's typical day like?

CS: I don’t have a typical day. Every day is completely different. That’s why I love my job.

EFM: I'm fascinated with the fashion across the globe; can you tell me what are the latest fashion trends in Hamburg?

CS: Well Hamburg always has a hanseatic understatement and the weather is capricious. Sometimes it changes every hour from rain into sun, from rain to wind. The cool Hamburgians love to dress themselves functional. Stylish big boots combined with fluffy dresses or T’s with  cool jeans. And always have a sunglass in your pocket!

EFM: Are there any great fashion designers in Germany?  Are there any upcoming designers we should look out for?

CS: Most of the international working German designers are not working from Germany. As their labels are internationally successful they have to work where fashion is at home. For example, Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander or Kai Kühne, which I love. But anyway there are some really good ones still in Germany like Wolfgang Joop with his grandious label Wunderkind or Schumacher, which is very nice and lovingly, younger ones are Lala Berlin, Kostas Murkudis or Penkov I really like. Also Jose Bénédi, he lives in Hamburg.

EFM: What is your personal fashion style?

CS: My style is very simple. I love my perfectly fitted denims or small trousers. A comfortable T and good shoes are very important; for example. good sneakers.  Also relevant is a premium bag and watch. Not too much jewelry.  I love the style from Helmut Lang or Hedi Slimane. A thing which is very personal is that I’m wearing kitten brooches, key rings and my necklaces with a cross.

EFM: Which accessory can you not live without?

CS: I think my i-phone. It is so easy for traveling. its my little home. My Rolex and of course my kitten accessories.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring fashion stylists and editors?

CS: Learn to have your own taste and style. Don't be a copy of someone. Take your inspiration and realize it with your own style, and stay strong. It’s a long way of assisting, testing and creating your book, but after all, it’s so worth it!

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Interview by Rochell “E” James



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