Yasuhiro is a stylist and the editor of Wound magazine based in London.  He has worked on fashion shows and magazines.  His most recent project was Dazed and Confused Korea. 

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me a little about your journey as a fashion stylist from when you began until now?

Yasuhiro Takehisa:  I went to fashion school in Japan, also LCF in London (just 2 months then quit...) then started to assist Nicola Formichetti at DAZED & CONFUSED.  After being there 3 years I began my stylist career.

EFM: You are also a fashion editor for Wound Magazine; can you tell me how you became the fashion editor?

YT: I was lucky, as soon as I finished assisting, I sent my website to several new magazines to  shoot, then former editor in chief Tet Yap and Fashion Director Laurent Dombrowicz helped me out to be their fashion editor. I really appreciated the opportunity.

EFM: What is your typical day like?

YT: Email, phone, email, phone, email, phone, think think think....., shower, dinner, then sleep.

EFM: Did you find it easy to break into the fashion industry?

YT: NOT AT ALL. Especially not for EU people its so difficult but I am really enjoying.

EFM: Do you think being a fashion stylist is self-taught or do you have to have an “eye” for fashion?

YT: Both.  Stylists are always with seasonal fashion as long as you do "so called FASHION".

EFM: What does being a fashion editor of Wound consist of?

YT: Recognizing the difference between stylist and fashion editor.

EFM: What inspires you?

YT: Manga, street people, and whatever is happening.

EFM: What accessory can you absolutely not live without?

YT: Nothing really, but maybe a necklace I got from my friend and peers.  I always wear it. 

EFM: What do you do in your spare time?

YT: Since it gets warmer and sunny , I am playing football in Dalston.

EFM: Are you organized; if so how do you keep organized?

YT: I think I am, I don't know how but I just want all my belongings  to be tidy.

EFM: What’s the latest project that you are currently working on?

YT: Dazed & Confused Korea.

EFM: What advice can you give to an aspiring fashion stylist?

YT: Just don't give up, and trust your instincts, then enjoy creation.


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Interview by Rochell “E” James  



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