Ishay Botbol is a talented freelance fashion photographer.  He has traveled extensively and has a wealth of education and knowledge under his belt.  Ishay has worked on many high fashion magazines and has a great gift for high fashion editorial work.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Tell me a little about your journey as a fashion photographer from when you began until now?

ISHAY BOTBOL: I studied for 5 years and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Photography from the" Wizo” design academy in Haifa Israel in 2005, straight after that I moved to Tel Aviv and opened my own Studio, specializing in Fashion and Commercial photography in the Israel fashion industry.  I worked for leading magazines and advertising agencies as well as private clients, while working and creating my own projects.

 After 3 years of working in my studio in Tel Aviv I moved to London and since then have worked for the International magazines and leading model agencies, private clients and PR agencies.  I have also been working on my new personal projects which will be presented in an exhibition when it is finalized.

EFM: How would you describe your style as a photographer?

IB: Every photograph I take is divided into two stages: First I plan the concept; I know what is the composition, the lighting, and the style I would like to achieve. Then when working with a model I tend to be free style and aim to get the best result for the specific frame I am shooting.

 It is important for the person I am photographing to feel comfortable and able to express themselves naturally in order to reflect the right feeling.

EFM: What do you do in your spare time? 

IB: In my spare time I like to travel and discover new places, I like to visit museums and galleries in London and Europe.  I like to watch independent movies, I like to read books and in every opportunity get some sun, which is always rare round here.

EFM: What inspires you?

IB: People, Movies, Music, the street, nature, everything could be inspiring me.

EFM: Who is your favorite fashion photographer?

IB: I can't say I have one favorite photographer, I get inspiration from a few photographers: Helmut Newton, Guy Bordin, Richard Avadon. 

EFM: What is the best thing you love about being a photographer?

IB: To wake up every morning to a new fantasy. 

EFM: I don’t think that it is fair to compare photographers, as all have their own style, but when I viewed some of your work a little bit of Terry Richardson?  Just my opinion.  How do you respond to that?

IB: Thank you, That is a compliment. I think the Terry Richardson side of my work is the fact that I establish a good relationship on the set with the person I am photographing and that is the feeling people get when they look at my work. Oh, of course, we also have similar glasses (he smiles.)

EFM: What advice can you give to an inspiring photographer?

IB: Be yourself and be passionate about what you do.

EFM: What is the latest project that you are working on?

IB: I am working on several photo-shoots and projects at the moment but my personal project which I hope to present in an exhibition is called "Nature Nude" I am using the naked nature to express and combine with the human nude, it is a process and I am hoping I will come to an end that I  will be satisfied  with.    


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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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