Simon Rasmussen's passion for fashion began early.  He pursued his career as a fashion stylist and has worked on editorials, campaigns, and fashion shows.  Some of his publications included: French Magazine, Dansk Magazine, TUSH and many more.  Simon has a great style and is even debonair with his own personal style.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how you were first introduced to 'fashion'? 

Simon Rasmussen: I was folding t-shirts and selling socks in a shopping centre...

EFM: I remember my first fashion statement in the 90's (knee high socks).  What was your favorite trend in the 90's?

SR: Hammer pants...! I had several and they were the best. And once I put on my clothes the wrong way around, like KrIs kRoS..! Damn...

EFM: Who was the first fashion stylist that you assisted under?

SR: Sassie Baré, well known Danish stylist in Denmark.

EFM: What was your very first paid fashion stylist job? 

SR: It was this editorial for a girlie teenage magazine that I shot with my good friend Sune Czjakowski in Paris. We weren´t so proud of it but we knew that you had to start somewhere.. the last time I shot with Sune was a portrait for L´uomo Vogue.

EFM: Can you tell me the process of what goes into prepping for a
photo-shoot for a print magazine?

Well, it all starts with an idea.. either from the magazine, the photographer or the stylist and from there it´s deciding the right model, the right location or studio. Booking the right hair and make up people and then as a stylist I have to get all the clothes and accessories. I get the most clothes from different showrooms but I also go to vintage shops, boutiques and sometimes I even create a one-off piece for that particular shoot.

EFM: You reside in Demark; do you think that it is hard to break into that fashion industry? 

SR: Yes, it is hard. I think it´s hard everywhere (but I don´t think it is any different than any other businesses). It might be easier in Denmark because our country is smaller and therefore more accessible but again only very few can live of it here in Denmark and there´s a limit to how much you can achieve.

EFM: Can you name five key pieces in your closet that you cannot live without?

SR: I was just in Tokyo and found this vintage robe that I´ve worn since I came back.. Other than that I think my black Comme des Garcons hat and my long underwear, for the cold, cold weather here in Copenhagen.

EFM: While on location; what do you carry in your 'kit'? 

SR: All kinds of stuff..! Of course the basic safety pins, tape, a pair of scissors and some threads- but it´s really messy my kit I´m not sure what is in it now.

EFM: What do you think that it takes to be a fashion stylist besides having an 'eye' for fashion? 

SR: It´s definitely not only about fashion- fashion is easy.. to me it´s more about the ability to imagine- to imagine what a piece of clothing will look like in this and this environment with this and this lighting on this kind of model.  It is also the ability to tell stories- to tell stories that have been told before and to make up your own story.

EFM: Who are some of Copenhagen's 'hot' designers? 

SR: SPON DIOGO is the new emerging designer couple- Mia Spon and Rui Diogo.  Henrik Vibskov who I think has the strongest brand in Denmark- if you think of high-end street wear fashion.  MoonSpoon Saloon is this arty group of creative people who makes this really cool stuff.  The Inoue Brothers who are making the finest sustainable cool knitwear produced in South America.

Who are your favorite designers?

Rei Kawakubo and Maison Martin Margiela.

How important it is to assist an established fashion stylist before
launching out on your own?

I don´t know how important that is- I think you can learn a lot from the established stylists but there´s not so many rules, well there shouldn´t be so many rules, please do it your own way!

In looking for a fashion assistant; what would be your ideal assistant?

I need a reliable person - someone I can trust. At the moment I have two- one that is very creative but very messy and one that is very organized but less creative- that is very ideal for me...

What advice can you give to EFM readers in regards to becoming a fashion stylist?

SR: Work hard and be nice to other people.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James



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