Marcin's work is known throughout the world.  If you’re a fan of Vogue Portugal and fascinated with the covers, well you’re most likely looking at Marcin Tyszka’s amazing work.  One of his most recent works, 25 magazine (new launch). and the amazing Vogue India March 2010.  With his very hectic schedule, EFM finally had the opportunity to interview him.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: I love the work that you do. Can you tell me how your career began as a fashion photographer?

Marcin Tyszka: I started very early as a TV presenter in native Poland.  5-10-15 was the most famous program for teenagers and students in my country broadcasted in the first channel of national TV.  I spent 10 years in front of the camera.  When I was 15 years old I had a chance to act in some big movies.  Photography was always my hobby.  I started taking pictures of my friends in the basement of my house, being just 19 I won the Panorama of Young Professional photography in Arles festival in 95' - this was a sign I should concentrate on my photographic career, since then - fashion photography is not only my job - it’s also my way of life.

EFM: Where do you reside?

MT: My only house is in Warsaw, Poland.  But, I spend my time on a plane between Paris, Lisbon, London, Warsaw, and Madrid, plus some more exotic destinations.  I love to shoot summer stories in Madeira.  I bring my clients to every January.

EFM: You have worked on many top fashion magazines. Do you consider yourself as the ‘go to’ guy for fashion editorial?

MT: I hope to work for even better magazines - I spent this new year in Mumbai - India - being invited by Vogue India - I shot several stories for them - an amazing experience- very exotic but also super professional- Anaita Adajania - the fashion director is as professional and creative as the best stylists in Europe-always positive and with a smile they are all very happy in India - I was amazed - you will be able to see my first cover shooting for Vogue India - this march 2010.

EFM: One of my favorite fashion spreads is the ELLE Russia February 2010
 with model Carmen Kass. Can you tell me the concept of the fashion spread?

MT: I have worked with Carmen already on a ad campaign 2 years ago, she is just amazing and super fast.  The story was a 17 (looks) fashion spread - that took 8 hours.

 I also loved working with Anja Rubik.  I shot her several times, including her first ever cover when she was 15 years old.  Two months ago I went with her to Mexico to do an amazing story and calendar for 2010 some days ago, she asked me to shoot for the magazine she is the fashion director and great soul.  25 Magazine,  I did 2 stories, shooting high couture shows, with supermodels only.  You will see it soon.

EFM: While conducting a photo-shoot what gives you inspiration?

MT: Depends, art, people on t he street, movies I have seen, just life that surrounds me.


25 Magazine


25 Magazine


25 Magazine

Vogue Portugal

Vogue Portugal

Vogue Portugal

EFM: What do you look for in an assistant?

MT: Loyalty and intelligence. 

EFM: Do you prefer shooting on location or in a studio?

MT: I like both, but people mostly want me for location shoots with natural light.

EFM: Tell me one thing that no one knows about you?

MT: I don’t know.... I used to dance ballroom dancing, I was even a champion of Poland in mambo...its sounds surreal, I was going for competitions from Germany to Siberia.

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve or reinvent yourself?

MT: Every season every shoot, or at least once a while.  I just try to be very objective.  I look at my work carefully.  I study people’s reactions to my portfolio( it’s quite special size wise- almost 1m big- printed on paper like old photo albums in the 50').  After several meetings I  have a great feedback for my work. I see what people like and what they are not crazy about, it tells me what I should change and where should I go.

EFM: Can you enlighten our readers with your advice and tips for aspiring photographers?

MT: Just keep working and never give up.  There are many people who some years ago didn’t want to meet me and now we are friends working together every month.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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