Karina knows what it takes to be a successful makeup artist.  She has paid her dues in the industry and now has established a name for herself by working with fashion photographers such as; Nick Knight, Max Vadukul, Solve Sundsbo, and working on fashion magazines such as; Another, Interview, Vogue Korea, Dazed & Confused Japan.  Karina's work speaks for itself and is represented by one of the top agencies.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me, in more details, how your career started as a makeup artist?

Karina Constantine: My career started in London where I attended a two-year make-up course at London College of Fashion.  After graduating, I started freelancing doing numerous tests, shoots, meeting photographers, stylists, etc.  I quickly got an agent in London, but the nature of work I was doing was very commercial for what I wanted.  I shortly left that agency and started to make my move towards the fashion side of the industry.

EFM: How did you start assisting makeup artist Val Garland?

KC: I approached Streeters asking to assist Val Garland on her shows.  I got picked to be on her team.  After my first season working on her team Val offered me a position to be her first assistant.  I got lucky with the timing!  She was looking for a new 'First'. 

EFM: How important is it to assist other established makeup artists?

KC: I think it is very important for various reasons.  You tend to learn a lot just by watching an artist creating amazing looks, also by being involved in the creative process yourself and by learning about the industry, i.e. how the industry works inside out.

EFM: You were Val's 1st assistant for 2 years; how did you know it was time to launch out on your own?

KC: Val basically told me to leave! 'You are ready to be on your own!'  Were her exact words.  Which, at first was a scary thought, but coming from The Master herself I took it as a 'blessing'.

EFM: You are represented by one of the the top agencies in the industry (Streeters).  Can you tell me how you gained their respect in order for them to sign you?

KC: By establishing an honest relationship with them and being Val Garlands first assistant, also by showing them that I could work on my own without being represented by an agency. I did not have an agent for a year after I left Val, but I still managed to keep on working with good photographers, models, celebrities…

EFM: How important is it to have an agent?

KC: You are taking more seriously in the industry if you have an agent.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring makeup artists?

KC: Work hard, be patient, be creative, be persistent.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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