Alexis is passionate about what she does.  She lives and breaths fashion ever since she could remember, "You can't choose fashion, it chooses you".  She quotes in our interview.  I am not always impressed with certain individuals in this industry.  Alexis is a hustler and a hard worker.  She is definitely the fashion stylist to intern and learn from.  She has teamed up with EFM to give the Aspiring Canadian fashion stylist the once-in-a life-time opportunity to assist her.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: What made you choose a career in fashion?

Alexis Honce: You can’t choose fashion, it chooses you.  I have loved clothing before I even knew what fashion was. I would skip class in school to sneak into the sewing room to whip up a new skirt idea I designed. I love to make a statement with the way I dress and it has translated into a career for me.

EFM: Do you think today it is harder to become a fashion stylist?

AH: Yes I think that it is harder to become a successful stylist today.  Only a few understand the demands of the industry and provide a full range of styling services.

The great thing is that once you have defined your style through your work and you continue to produce work that has your distinctive style, clients hire you for exactly that.  You prove yourself through your work, or you get lost in the ever-growing styling crowd.

EFM: Are you represented by an agent, if not why?

AH: I am not with an agency at the moment. When the time is right I will join an agency. It is very important that you find an agent that understands you and how you work.  The agent will be representing you and creating a career path for you, so you must trust them 100%.

Representing myself is great. I am in full control of my presentation to clients and I have to count on myself to find new clients and negotiate the terms of my contracts. It is exhilarating to run your own business by yourself. I call it the hustle.  I love the hustle.

EFM: What was your very first paid fashion stylist job?

AH: My first job as a stylist was working with two international designers that came to Toronto to show their collections at what is now LG Fashion Week.  They came 3 days before their show date and I was hired to take them through the production and styling steps to get them ready to show.  Model castings, fittings, proper labeling, shoes, accessories etc, etc.   I work on fashion shows with Monarch Events Group throughout the year, so I love this job.

EFM: How long have you worked as a fashion stylist?

AH: After completing fashion studies, I designed a ready to wear collection which sold through Three Monkeys, one of the top boutiques for independent designers in Montreal.  I later decided to change career paths and moved to Toronto to start my styling career.

EFM: I think it is great that you offer aspiring fashion stylists to assist you; how did the idea come about?

AH: Every stylist needs assistants and I would like to give opportunities to those interested in the field and wanting experience.

EFM: Why do you think it is important to assist an established stylist?

AH: Everyone creates his or her own career path in styling, but if you can assist a stylist you can really see what it takes day-to-day to get the job done.  You can make contacts and learn the secrets of the trade.

EFM: Who would you love to style that you haven’t?

AH: I would love to style Kirsten Stewart. She needs a style that is consistent.  She is one of the biggest starlets now in Hollywood, but you would never guess it from her red carpet choices. I would focus on the fit of the dress more and work with the hair and makeup team to produce a unified style.

EFM: How do you prepare for a photo-shoot?

AH: Research, research, research!! Then you have your meetings with the creative directors/ art directors and photographers to discuss the photo shoot theme and desired outcome for the look of the images.  You have pull days where you run around to every end of the city picking up clothing for the shoot.  In fashion, everything happens very fast, so you have to keep organized and be ready for anything that comes your way.

EFM: Who are your favorite Canadian fashion designers?

AH: Greta Constantine is one of the top Canadian fashion designers I love.  Their designs are worn by every celeb and are featured in all the top Canadian fashion magazines.

Lucian Matis is another genius fashion designer in Canada. His fabric selection and silhouettes in his last collection are to die for.  His is the name to watch on an international level.

Denis Gagnon is another favorite. His latest collection featured fringe dresses and pants. Very rock and roll and wearable. I just put one of his dresses in a fashion video I styled with Shenae Grimes and hope to put his dresses on celebs on the red carpet in the next year.

EFM: What advice can you give to an aspiring fashion stylist?

AH: I would enroll in a well-known fashion program. This is the first step to learning about fashion and its history. It also opens the door to score that coveted internship with the biggest names in fashion. Contact stylists to offer assistance and intern with them on future jobs. WORK HARD!

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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