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Giampaolo brings fashion editorial to life.  EFM has noticed his work with top Italian designers such as; Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, and Roberto Cavalli.  Working for publications such as; ELLE English, GQ Italy, GQ Germany, L' Uomo Vogue, Vogue Japan, Vogue Paris and Hercules.  Giampaolo's motto is 'Passion for Fashion', and it definitely  shows in his vibrant  work. 

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Tell me how your amazing career started as a fashion photographer?

Giampaolo Sgura: I always liked fashion, since I was a child.  Then I started taking photos of my friends at school just to experience.  After studying architecture I realized that I wanted to be a fashion photographer.

EFM: Where do you reside?

GS: I Live in Milano and travel for work all over the world.  In October, moving to New York.

EFM: Describe your style as a fashion photographer?

GS: Actually my style is very voluptuous. I get bored of the same lighting or so.  I like to experience every time depending on the fashion concept; for me fashion come always first, then lighting.  If I don’t see the model ready I can’t figure out the lighting. I think I'm very much a Fashion Photographer. Sometimes simple, sometimes casual, sometimes overdone. I change.

EFM: Are you represented by an agent?

GS: Yes I am.

EFM: Have you assisted any photographers in the industry before you launched out on your own; if so, whom?

GS: Never assisted, always looked at magazine and books.

EFM: What would you consider your most favorite photo-shoot?

GS: I have many favorites, but so far my favorite is the one I did for Vogue Japan with Model Aline Weber and styled by Sabino Pantone.

EFM: While conducting a photo-shoot what gives you inspiration?

GS: During the photo shoot I am very demanding from the team, and they are as well.  We always worked out together, but the most important thing is always the casting, once a model give you the right expression, you have 
got the photo.

EFM: Do you have an assistant; if so what do you look for in an assistant?

GS: Yes I have 3 great people working with me for many years.  They are educated, honest and we always have fun together.   Besides being very prepared technically.

EFM: What type of camera do you use and why do you like that particular camera?

GS: I use PHASEONE P system...the best for me.

EFM: Tell me something that no one knows about you?

GS: I am a very simple person; easy going.  Some people sometimes get surprised by my way of being so simple.  I like peace and never drama.

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve or reinvent yourself?

GS: I reinvent myself every day.

EFM: What advice can you give to become a successful fashion photographer like yourself?

GS:  “Passion for Fashion” is my motto.  If you don’t care for fashion you are not a fashion photographer.  If you are able to take a photo without understanding the sensibility of fashion you will never be a fashion photographer, but a normal photographer.


Interview by Rochell “E” James


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