Charlotte has over 10 years of experience of extensive training and it definitely shows in her work.  Working with many models, one of them including the lovely Chanel Iman.  Charlotte shares with EFM why she thinks it's best to assist before embarking out on your own.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me, in more details, how your career started as a makeup artist?

Charlotte Day: I did a short intensive course at a college in London called Greasepaint.  Through the school, a couple of opportunities started to present themselves. I got to assist on a film and work in theatre.  Then to keep the ball rolling and to get my portfolio where I wanted it to be, I started seeking out the new face divisions of modeling agencies. Both I and the new girls needed pictures, so it was the perfect opportunity for lots of testing. After I felt more confident with my book; I starting meeting with hair and makeup agencies and was given the opportunity to assist super talented artists on a wide range of projects. In addition, agencies would call upon me when there was spill over work that their rosters couldn’t handle. Looking back on it, this is where I really began developing my own direction and vision.

EFM: Did you find it hard to break into the industry as a makeup artist?

CD: Indeed I did. I was very naïve when I started on this journey and I really had to feel my way through the process.

EFM: Who was the first established makeup artist you assisted?

CD: The first established makeup artist I assisted was the lovely Lesley Chilkes.

EFM: You are represented by See Management, how did you come about finding an agent to represent you?

CD: I had a list of hair and makeup agencies in New York City, made some appointments and went in to see them with my portfolio. When I met with See, I instantly found a connection with my agent Anna. We got on really well and it was very apparent that this was a natural fit.

EFM: How important is it to be represented by an agent?

CD: My agency has been imperative to my success here in New York . Without my agent and the resources behind them, many of the doors that have opened for me would have probably remained close. The agent-artist relationship is really a team effort. It requires both sides doing everything they can to reach a common goal.

EFM: What are your favorite makeup brands you like to use (name three).

CD: My favorite makeup brands are Mac, Chanel and Kevyn Aucoin.

EFM: What is a typical day like for you?

CD: A typical day would be get to work around 8.45am, set up, go through a brief with the art director, photographer or/and stylist (or look at the clothes). Then we can start the hair and makeup, which can take a couple of hours, and after that the shooting commences.  After lunch, we would do a retouch or maybe a change in hair and makeup and then shoot the rest of the looks. We generally finish around 6pm.

EFM: Name five things that a woman need in her makeup bag?

CD: Eyelash curlers, tweezers, mascara, concealer, and lip balm.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring makeup artists?

CD: I would strongly encourage all aspiring makeup artists to try and assist a top makeup artist, preferably full time.  Also, try to get on as many makeup teams for fashion shows as possible. Lastly, go around to all the agencies, show your portfolio, make the introduction, and hopefully start collecting spill over work and as many connections as possible.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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