Jenny was born and raised in Sweden.  She pursued her amazing career as a fashion photographer and moved to Paris.  Since then she has worked with some of the top influential clients such as; H&M, Paper Magazine, Dita Von Teese, and Sweden's Royal Wedding.  Jenny's work is utterly timeless.  She divides her hectic schedule, working between Paris and London.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how your career started as a fashion photographer?

Jenny Lexander: I started out assisting great Artists/Photographers in NYC, then Sweden.  To assist gets you a great access of learning techniques, photography, art, history, clients, the overview of the fashion industry, etc.  In 2003 I launched out on my own.

EFM: What made you decide to move to Paris?

JL: I followed my stomach feeling.  I was supposed to be in town for a 5 day trip, but I'm still here.  Also, my former photographer, I assisted, sowed a seed once in my head.  So I guess my curiosity led me here. 

Having Paris as a base gave me closeness to major Fashion Houses, with whom I collaborate, mostly directly with the designers.

EFM: Can you describe your style as a fashion photographer?

JL: I have been highlighted by Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue, where she wrote sweet world, I think catch the sense of of my Style; "This Swedish Photographer can clearly capture femininity from all angles".

My style is also Quite poetic and adds much sense to a project.

EFM: With so many aspiring photographers out there (in Paris); do you think that it's difficult to be a successful fashion photographer?

JL: I guess success is your own compartment of goals-achievements that brings you happiness in life, shaded Live & create out of your passion & be proud of what you archive - no matter what city/place that you choose to travel your time.

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve or reinvent yourself as a photographer?

JL: I add my sense of style in shooting Royalties, Jewelery, Beauty, Music, as well as, the broader Art scene.

Recently I had my first Solo Exhibition, Sisu - By Jenny Lexander, that took place in 2009-2010 and was shown in three different institutions in four different countries:

The Finnish Institute - Stockholm/Sweden & Paris/France; The Ministry of Councils Gallery - Copenhagen/Demark; The Photography Museum - Helsinki/Finland.

Nowadays I also started sharing my visuals through short movies.

EFM: What advice can you give to become a successful fashion photographer like yourself?

JL:  Follow your dreams & always be true to yourself.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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