Tim divides his time between New York and Sydney.  You may have seen his extraordinary work in publications; Interview, Dazed & Confused, V Magazine, GQ Magazine US, The Last Magazine, and Vogue.  Besides being a talented fashion photographer he is also a director, working with; YSL, Dazed Digital, Nike, and Sony BMG, and in edition is a published author of several books; 'Physical Frequencies', 'Doppelganger', 'The '`Co-Incident', 'Sensation'.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how your career started as a fashion photographer??

Tim Richardson: In about 1994 I founded an art direction/design studio with two partners.  After four years working with clients in both fashion and the arts including photographic artists, Tracy Moffat and Bill Henson, I decided to become a photographer.  At that point I'd experienced working with photographers on campaigns, exhibitions and books.  It felt like a natural progression to move into shooting.

EFM: How long have you been a fashion photographer?

TR: Since 99'

EFM: What is you view on fashion and photography?

TR: I feel fashion photography at its best is one of the most progressive and contemporary forms of photography.  Fashion photography absorbs unlimited influences and references-from music to paint.  Its this cultural fusion that gives fashion photography its unique appeal.

EFM: Do you prefer shooting on location or in the studio?

TR: I'm normally studio based - but in the last few years I've started shooting more on location.  It took me a while to 'see' how to work on location to create a consistency with my studio work.

EFM: How often do you travel in a month?

TR: It varies with work.  Sometimes I'm in one place for a couple of months - others I'm in four countries in two weeks.

EFM: Can you describe your style as a fashion photographer?

TR: Hmm, this is the hard one...perhaps 'Future/Primitive'. 

My work is a mix of an almost scientific observation and futurism.  I always look to incorporate new technology and approaches to remain contemporary.  Although sometimes the simplest approach - one light etc - is perfect.  I just try to stay focused on the feeling I'm trying to create within the image.

EFM: Tell me something that no one knows about you?

TR:  I grew up in Singapore.  As a child I used to go with my mother shopping in the neon lit city bizarre.  That Blade Runner - like mix of wet flickering neon street-scapes and old Chinese cultures is my greatest influence.

EFM: Have  you ever assisted any established photographers; if so, who were they?

TR: I haven't ever assisted.  I went from art direction into photography.

EFM: You live a very fast-paced life and traveled around the world; what is your favorite location?

TR:  My favourite location tends to be where my friends are.  As far as working I love NY.  There is an amazing pool of creative talent here that makes working here an experience unlike anywhere else.

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve or reinvent yourself as a photographer?

TR: I'm always looking around me at everything but photography - so I don't ever feel like I'm not evolving.

My most recent creative shift has been to film.  I started directing about five years ago.  Working in film caused a major change in my photography and opened me up to seeing image making very differently.

EFM: You have accomplished so much in your career; what advice can you give to aspiring fashion photographers?

TR: Best advice is to just take pictures.  The creative 'baptism of fire' is the best way to learn anything.  You never forget what you learn when the pressure is there to create.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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