Henrik’s work is pure passion.  After starting his journey to become a fashion photographer he had to make a decision, to quit his job as an Art Director and work as a fashion photographer full-time.  Ever since then Henrik has been creating lovely images.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how your career started as a fashion photographer?

Henrik Adamsen: It actually started quite a while ago (about 17 years ago), when I was a re-toucher for some of the bigger ready-to-wear brands in Demark.  Since then I've had an interest for fashion photography.  So when I picked up a camera for a job I did as an art-director later on, I couldn't put it back down again.  I started shooting tests for some of the smaller agencies in Copenhagen.  So I guess I can't really put a finger on when I started.  The two jobs kind of merged together and at some point I had to give up my art-director job in order to persue the photography side full-time.

EFM: What is your view on fashion and photography?

HA: Uhm...When you separate it like that.  Let me think... Well I'm not really a fashionable dresser myself.  I don't show up for shoots wearing designer clothes.  Quite the opposite.  I often show up for shoots wearing clothes I know I'll be comfortable wearing, as I know I'll be crawling around on the ground most of the day.  On the other hand, fashion is what I like to shoot and not much else really.  I could never spend a whole day running around shooting animals, landscapes or something like that.  I have great respect for the photographers in the other 'categories', most of it is something I could never do.

I love that both fashion and fashion photography is a constantly evolving thing, so you kind of need to stay on your toes.  So all in all...it's a job that I love, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

EFM: How often do you travel in a month?

HA: It varies a LOT.  The past month I've been in Italy two times and at the end of this month I'm going to LA to shoot a campaign.  But, it's often centered around the fashion weeks and not so much in between.

EFM: Can you describe your style as a fashion photographer?

HA: Simplistic (can you say that?)  I often tend to go for something that's just a little messy, (or a lot).  I love to shoot in available light.  It doesn't have to be daylight, it could be streetlight or a desk lamp.  It's not really important.  The atmosphere and expression is the important thing to me.

Someone once said that I was good at things that had to do with the female body.  I never really thought about it before then, but I guess there is some truth to that.  At least that's the kind of jobs I often get.

EFM: Have you ever assisted any established photographers; if so, who were they?

HA: No I haven't.  I often think about that.  Would it have been an advantage for me, or has the 'not' assisting anyone helped me develop a style of my own faster than most?

A lot of assistants who come from well established photographers, shoot exactly like the photographers they came from.

EFM: You live a very fast-paced life and traveled around the world; where is your favorite location?

HA:  It's not THAT fast paced (smiles).  My favorite location yet is the desert in California.  I was there in January.  It was just right, the temperature was good and there were so many good spots to shoot, and the sun never went too high on the sky.  I want to go back there soon.

EFM: Tell me something that no one knows about you?

HA:  Ehrr... I don't know.  I'll have to think about that one...

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve or reinvent yourself as a fashion photographer?

HA: All the time.  It's not something that I try to do.  It just happens, that's how my head works.  The thing people need to understand about me is, that I have never shot a picture that I was completely happy with.  There is always something wrong.  I keep aiming for a goal.  The goal is that prefect picture that I keep in my head, perfect pose, perfect look.  But, the goal keeps changing and is always just out of reach.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing.  I love that process and I love coming up with new things or looking for new ways to shoot.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring fashion photographers?

HA:  If you shoot what other people think you should shoot, you'll never be happy.  Keep shooting what you think is cool, and eventually someone will come along who loves your work, and wants to book you for jobs (smiles).

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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