Richard is a talented self-taught fashion photographer, who made his passion for photography a reality.  He began assisting other established fashion photographers for five years.  Building up his contacts, he launched out on his own.  Shortly after, Richard made his mark in the fashion industry as a fashion photographer with his first cover (Vogue Australia).

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how your career started as a fashion photographer?

Richard Freeman: I have always been fascinated by photography, self-taught I practiced making pictures shooting landscapes throughout New Zealand on numerous surfing sojourns.  After traveling for a few years then relocating to Sydney, Australia, I eventually went down the assisting path for five years before establishing enough clients to go out on my own.

EFM: What is your view on fashion and photography?

RF: I believe, we, as fashion photographers, are incredibly fortunate to be able to document the work of designers, hair and makeup artists.  We are so fortunate to avoid routine and have an element of creativity (on the good days) to our job.

It is inspiring to see the constant evolvement of photography as a by product of fashion work, especially through the use of technology.

EFM: Do you prefer shooting on location or in the studio?

RF: I prefer location for the space and the air, yet I prefer the studio for the control it allows, so really they are both the same for me.

EFM: How often do you travel in a month?

RF: Really varies, some months a lot others less, but you always have to be ready to hit the road at a moments notice.

EFM: Can you describe your style as a fashion photographer?

RF: I really wish I could, it is a hard thing to look at ones style objectively, what I set out to achieve in pictures is always changing and growing.  I like to keep evolving and taking on new influences.

EFM: Have you ever assisted any established photographers; if so, who were they?

RF: Several Australian photographers and have been fortunate enough to have assisted some photographers who have travelled to Sydney for jobs, Horst Deikgerdes was a particular favorite.  The late Sir Patrick Lichfield was also wonderful to work for.

EFM: Do you ever find yourself trying to evolve  or reinvent yourself as a photographer?

RF: Yes, always evolving and hopefully improving, I am constantly looking at light, trying to understand how it behaves.  The cliché and beauty of our job is you never stop learning.

The fashion industry by its nature is always reinventing and evolving, it's important to be in touch with these changes and stay on top of trends (in photography too) whether or not you choose to embrace them, is up to you.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring fashion photographers?

RF: Assist many different photographers, the methods for success are wide and varied.  Know all the parameters of the available technology, it will improve your work flow and images.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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