Sasaguchi was born in Hokkaido.  He moved to Japan to follow his dreams as a fashion photographer.  Sasaguchi has an extensive educated background, studying at Hosei University Magazine and studied with Master Photographer Wisdom. He is now one of Japan's most sought after fashion photographers. You will find his amazing work in publications such as; Japan Magazine, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Clare, Figaro, Vogue Russia, ELLE China, DETAILS, COSMO Girl, and W Magazine.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: How did your career as a fashion photographer begin?

Sasaguchi Yoshihito: I studied economics at a University in Tokyo, but I loved fashion so much!  I found a part time job for Brutus Magazine (Japanese famous fashion and culture magazine) when I was in University for two years.  I was working as an assistant photographer and saw all different kind of photography; fashion, still life, portrait, cars and foods.

After the graduation, I met one photographer who was working for every trendy fashion magazine in Japan.  I was his assistant for three years, and I started my own career as a fashion photographer.

EFM: Where do you reside?

SY: Until 2001, I was working in New York, Paris and London.  But my base is always in Tokyo.

EFM: Describe your style as a photographer?

SY: I believe that I am an artisan, not a artist.  I'm looking for a chance to try innovative photo shooting.  I don't want to fix one style of photography. I want to evolve to the next stage.  That's why I do all kind of different photography (not only fashion photo, but still life, landscape, journalistic documentary...etc.)

EFM: What type of camera do you use?

SY: I used to love large format (4x5 inch) before the high solution digital camera was supplied, but now I use Hasselblad camera with Leaf digital back.

EFM: Had you assisted any photographers in the industry before you launched out on your own; if so, who?

SY: Yuji Komatsu and Hidetomo Abe.  I did assist for two different type of photographer, Mr. Komatsu is based on commercial business and Mr. Abe is on the fashion side.

EFM: How important is it to assist established fashion photographers?

SY: I realized that good photograph sometimes is not equal to good photographer.  In the world of the commercial, when the ability of communications that understand what the client requests is as important as the ability to take the good photograph, it has understood.




EFM: What has been your greatest moment as a fashion photographer or memory?

SY:  Right now!  Because many people start to contact me.  I love internet generations, world is getting small.  To be honest, when I got a beautiful photo, I always feel heaven more than anything.

EFM: What tips can you give on taking a great photo?

SY:  Very simple, it is a strong passion to get something new and beautiful vision!

EFM: What is your view on fashion and photography?

SY:  I believe that fashion photography is one of journalistic articles.  Women in this generation needs this fashion of 2010 because of some reasons, do they want to be more powerful or more elegant?  I am not sure, but I want to analyze and tell to someone.  Fashion is always changing and waving, but everyone are looking for better and new visions of photo.

EFM: What skills do you think that one has to have in order to become a fashion photographer?

SY:  I think that there are two types of fashion photographers, one is artist type and the other is artisan type.  If you are artist type, you don't have to care about skills, because client want your passion and soul for photography.  But if you are artisan type, you need good communication performance as same as perfect photo skills.

EFM: Can you describe your style as a fashion photographer?

SY: I don't have my style technically (camera, lighting, objects).  I always use different type of lighting.  The most important in my photograph is impression by myself while I am shooting.  I am trying to keep sharpening my eyes and soul.

EFM: What advice can you give to the aspiring fashion photographers?

SY: Keep having love passion to fashion and photography.  Technique is not very important.  And believe that you can do anything you want.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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