oe's work is quite impressive and her passion for makeup is amazing.  Studying at Chelsea College of Art and Design, which lead her to Glauca Rossi where she gained intense training.  Zoe has worked closely with world-renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Zoe has established impressive collaborations with photographers such as; Aitken Jolly, Anthony Elgort and Julian Marashall.  Her work can be seen in fashion magazines such as; Vogue British and Russia editions, Dazed Digital, Interview, Harper's Bazaar, Pop, Vanity Fair, and the New York Times featuring fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me, in details, how your career started as a makeup artist?

Zoe Taylor: My career started when I found myself living with makeup artist Linda Johansson.  One day she asked me to come to Glauca Rossi School of Makeup to be her demo model whilst she did a day of teaching.  I stepped through the door and knew this was the place for me.  I walked up the stairs to meet Glauca and within five minutes I had managed to secure a place on a course that started two weeks later.  I signed a cheque for what seemed like an enormous amount of money.  I called my dad to beg him to lend me the money.  After a lot of promises to pay him back, he agreed and I walked back down the stairs and sat in Linda's chair ready for the first demo.

EFM: What is it about makeup that interested you?

ZT: I have always been fascinated by makeup, colours, textures, the effect of light and what it can create.  I have always painted and to me every day is painting a new picture on a different canvas.  I love creating and feeling inspired by the people I work with and my surroundings.

EFM: How long have you worked as a makeup artist?

ZT: I trained at Glauca Rossi nine years ago.

EFM: I have interviewed a couple of makeup artists who have also worked with Charlotte Tilbury; can you tell me what you have learned from working with Charlotte?

ZT: When I met Charlotte I immediately liked her.  I respected her honesty and appreciate her kindness and support.  Working with Charlotte has given me the confidence to achieve all that I have.  As a makeup artist, time is when you learn things and gain experience, working with Charlotte on such big jobs, allowed me to see the industry from so many different angles.

EFM: You are represented by one of the most, if not the top, agencies in the industry 'Jed Root'.  Can you tell me how you gained their respect in order for them to sign you?

ZT: I think that Yan, my booker and Louise his assistant could see after just one meeting, how hard I had worked to get to where I was, but more importantly how much harder I was prepared to work to achieve my dreams.

EFM: Our concept at EFM is about educating the ones who inspire to work in the industry.  On the business side; can you tell me how important it is to have an agent?

ZT: As an artist you are the business, without you there is no business.  It is incredibly important to have a good agent who has all the structure to support you, from the accounts department right through to the courier company.  It's a huge relief to be working side by side with people you trust and respect, as this enables you to create and do your job not worry about the admin side of things.

EFM: What has been your most memorable moment, so far, in your career?

ZT: The most memorable bit of my career so far is shooting Victoria Beckham for the New York Times.




EFM: What are your favorite makeup brands to use?

ZT: There are so many makeup brands I love using! Mac, Estee Lauder for mascara, Sisley for it's amazing skincare, Kevin Aucoin, Stila Nars for blush and lipstick pencils, Dior, Guerlain, Chanel, Decleor for the glorious oils, the list goes on and on....

EFM: Do you have a favorite color of lipstick; if so what color?

ZT:  My favorite lipstick has to be Mac Ruby Woo.  I love the texture, it's old fashion glamour all the way.

EFM: Give me three tips that can get me through the day with a beaming glow?

ZT: Three tips for a beaming glow:

1. Eye drops in the morning before makeup.  It get rids of any red and any puffiness.

2. Apply a tiny bit of fake tan after your moisturiser, my favorite is Sisley.  As your morning glow dies down, your skin will gain a healthy bit of colour.

3. Always go for a cream blusher as it's more youthful.  Apply high on the apples of your cheeks, what's left on your fingers lightly dab onto the bridge of your nose.  It will make you look like you have caught a bit of sun.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring makeup artists?

ZT: Keep your eyes on the goal and your dreams in your heart.  You will do just fine.




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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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