ori has a passion and an amazing eye for fashion and it shows in her work. EFM first noticed her work through fashion photographer Tim Richardson.  Besides collaborating with Tim, Lori's work has been seen in Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, and Gilt Group.

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: Can you tell me how your career as a fashion stylist began?

Lori Messerschmitt: I was actually working for an internet software company, bored out of my mind.  9/11 happened very close to my downtown office and I decided to quit and follow my heart.  I took some design classes and then applied for a full fashion design program, but then I met Victoria Bartlett and things changed very quickly.

EFM: How did you know that working in the fashion industry was something that you wanted to pursue?

LM: I had studied painting and art for years and to me fashion was a living form of art that I could have immediate impact on.

EFM: So far, what has been your most memorable moment?

LM: There have been so many...but my favorite of all was meeting and working with Tom Ford.

EFM: How long have you been working in the fashion industry?

LM: Years, but it seems like minutes everything moves and changes so quickly.

EFM: 'Today' do you think that it's hard to become a fashion stylist?

LM: Absolutely and yet not at all.  Becoming a respected, legitimate stylist is extraordinarily difficult, but every thirteen year old with a fashion blog can also be one in their own way.

EFM: Living in New York, where there are many 'fashion stylists'; do you find it a stiff competition?

LM: Yes, the more people there are in a boat, the harder it is to steer it.  On the other hand, many of my closest friends are fashion stylists and we help each other out when it's needed.

EFM: How important do you think it is to assist an established stylist?

LM: I think it's very important, no matter how brief.  You need to learn the business from the ground up as with any other business.  A lot of people have this illusion that it's all fabulousness.  There is also a lot of politics and skill required to be successful.

EFM: Do you think that it is important to have an agent?

LM: Right now, I don't have one.  I'm always on the fence about it.

EFM: Describe your personal style?

LM: If vintage and modern had a dance off, my style would be the photos.

EFM: What advice can you give to the aspiring fashion stylists?

LM: Don't tell yourself you can't do something, 'ever'.


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Interview by Rochell “E” James


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