Pedro Soltz

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: How did you get discovered and who discovered you?

Pedro Soltz: It's a long story.  When I was 18 I had a fight with my father.  I left home and so he stopped supporting me and giving me money.  I was in the 2nd year of University and needed to find a job to support myself.  A friend of mine was the owner of a famous bathing suit store in a shopping mall in my hometown and they needed extra people for the summer time and gave me the job.

So one day while I was working, a scouter was shopping in the store and "discovered" me.  I left the store, the University and a month later I was in Milan.  It was all a bit crazy to me.

EFM: Was modeling something that you always wanted to do?

PS: No...at that time I was really focused on my studies and I really liked my life.  I started because I had that opportunity and I just wanted to see where it could lead me and have a look into the fashion 'world'.

EFM: How long have you been a model?

PS: I started 6 years ago...but I stopped to finish University.  Then I came back...so let's say 4 years.

EFM: Tell me something that you love about modeling?

PS: I really love my job now and all the things that come with it.  I love acting, traveling, meeting different people and seeing different places.

EFM: How has modeling changed your life?

PS: It changed a lot my lifestyle...I am always traveling, I am always far away from home, family and friends.

EFM: What is your favorite thing about being a part of Future Models family?

PS: My favorite thing is that I really feel like they are my family...my Italian family.  I love them in all senses, personally and professionally.  They have such a nice energy and it's such a wonderful family.

EFM: Do you have any friends that are models; who are they?

PS: Yes, actually I have many real good friends doing this job.

EFM: With modeling comes with jet setting around the world; where was your most favorite city, country that you have been?

PS: I like Milan a lot because of my agency and friends, but talking about cities I loved Barcelona.  And by the way, I am going back there this week.

EFM: Before becoming a model; was there anything else that you wanted to be?

PS: I studied engineering and business.  But honestly throughout my life, I wanted to do so many different things.  For example: I played, seriously, soccer when I was young.  I was a good player, but I stopped because of my studies.  I also love things where I can use my creativity like acting, music, writing etc.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring male models?

PS: I was born bold, naked and with no teeth.  Nothing is impossible.  Just follow your dreams!

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Interview by Rochell “E” James



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