Michael Stecki

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: How did you get discovered and who discovered you?

Michael Stecki: It was fortune.  A scout from an agency spoke to me on the street.  Certainly I had some prejudices first, but I gave it a chance.  A few days later I came in the agencies office, met the team and from that on I was in.

EFM: Was modeling something that you always wanted to do?

MS: Modeling is a business.  I never really thought about it earnestly.

EFM: How long have you been a model?

MS: Soon it will be one year.

EFM: Tell me something that you love about modeling?

MS: The acting experience.  Working in front of a camera is fascinating.  You have to put the spot on extreme facets of your character.  At the same time you totally have to be authentic.  The camera catches everything.  You have to stay focused every moment.

EFM: How has modeling changed your life?

MS: It hasn't really changed my life.  All the more, I was able to add some whole new experiences I usually would never have made.  Seeing myself in magazines or commercials is kind of interesting.  It feels sexy.

EFM: What is your favorite thing about being a part of M4 Models family?

MS: To notice that you are a part of the m4 family.

EFM: Do you have any friends that are models; who are they?

MS: Privately my contact to other models is very rare.

EFM: With modeling comes jet setting around the world; what was your most favorite city, country that you have been?

MS: I spent 10 days in Malawi, Africa.  That was impressive, inspiring, wild.

EFM: Before becoming a model; was there anything else that you wanted to be?

MS: There is still a lot I want to do and I want to be.  My youth is my engine.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring male models?

MS: Believe in yourself and stay authentic.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James



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