Gwen Lu

Exclusively Fashion Magazine: You where modeling in Singapore Fashion Week and you had the opportunity to move to New York; can you tell me how your career flourished from that point?

Gwen Lu: During my first debut in Singapore Fashion Week, I was spotted by the director from Elite New York. However, I couldn't fly to New York immediately. It took me a year to make my book stronger and prepare for my working visa in the U.S. Once I stepped foot in New York, all kinds of great opportunities were opened up to me. From my first trip, I got the chance to work with Greg Kadel for Numero Homme, together with fellow models like Sean Oprey and Abby Lee. I also secured a Redken campaign, which the creative director is the world's top stylist, Guido Palao. And to my surprise, my first ever appearance for TVC took place in U.S., it was for Target. The most followed model site, models.com also featured me as "Model of The Week."  Then my career expands to Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Spain and Greece.

EFM: How old were you at that time (when you moved to New York)?

GL: 20

EFM: Have you always wanted to become a model?

GL: Not really. Due to my height, many friends urge me to try modeling, but I was too shy and thought it is impossible; till I saw on TV Ai Tominaga strike the runway of Paris and Milan. I approached an agency my hometown Penang, then moved on to KL, then Singapore.

EFM: I've seen your recent work, you look amazing with blonde hair; do you think that has become your signature look?

GL: I did my first blonde hair for fun  during my holiday. But it attracted clients like L'Oreal Paris, Aveda and Saks 5th Avenue to shoot me in blonde. So I was switching hair colors very frequently during first half of 2010. I have grown my natural black healthy hair now, I guess my signature look is my short-cropped boy hair, no matter in black or blonde.

EFM: Do you fear that once you reached a certain age that your career as a model could be possibly over?

GL: I don't have that fear. But I accept the fact that age is a factor in modeling. But if you plan wisely, a model could still work for different kind of market in her older years.

EFM: Who are your favorite designers?

GL: Comme des Garcons, Maison Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang.

EFM: What has been your favorite memories about being a model?

GL: I always like to recall all the hard times I have been through in the past, and I felt relief that I have been through those obstacles and not feeling hurtful anymore, and I knew that I have grew wiser and stronger.

EFM: Where do you see yourself after modeling?

GL: Maybe I'll become a chef.

EFM: One of your interests is shooting images; do you think that it is possible that you may go into photography?

GL: Yes. I like documenting little things in different cities.

EFM: What advice can you give to aspiring models?

GL: You got to have the X-factor to become a model, and like your job. With 100% dedication and hard work, compliment with some luck, one's career could change the life of a person.

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Interview by Rochell “E” James



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