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There is a difference in the international ELLE but one thing that ELLE has in common is ‘fashion’.  “Every ELLE is very different.  That is, of the culture, ELLE Norway, ELLE Swedish, ELLE Danish is different, and we don’t do the same stories.  Yes, there is a difference in every country.  But, at the same time we do have the one spirit of ELLE.  ELLE is stylish, spiritual and a sexy magazine.”

In every country there are talented designers to look out for.  “There are a few coming up.  My big favorite is Batlak OG Selvig.”

Any winter fashion trends?   “It’s a very black season, skinny silhouettes, leather jackets, leather pants, at the same time it’s very feminine.  Something like a biker chic style?  “Yes, she says, “I would say so, but also the eighties are very strong here too.”  Oh okay.  “The colors, the shoulder pads, and the makeup.”

Petra can’t live without her favorite pair of jeans.   “My Acne Jeans and my jacket,” that she was wearing.  I love Acne jeans and their collection. “Yes, I’m wearing them right now.”  (Laughter)

Petra telling me what she is hoping to see for Spring/Summer 2010.  “I’m hoping for, actually I love the fashion this winter.  I hope for it to be like spring edition of the winter.  I don��t want to have more of the eighties though.   I hope to see tights, small dresses, and funky accessories, because I think that there has been a lot of focus on the accessories and handbags on shoots.  I also would love to see more Parisian style, very feminine delightful fabrics.” 

Petra’s giving advice on working in the fashion industry.  “Honestly, I think you have to choose it as a lifestyle because, if you just want to have a ‘job’, then it’s not good enough.  You really have to be so dedicated to it because it’s so many people who want to do what you’re doing.  Never give up and choose it as a lifestyle.  Do you agree with me?”  Petra asked me.

Petra, being very candid on her thoughts in the fashion industry and what she thinks need to be addressed in the fashion industry. “Doing an editorial is a big difference from doing an advertisement.  We need the editorials to show because you’re not making any money.  I dislike it when people who are coming on the team, stylist, makeup artist, and the photographer.  We are all doing it for the art of it.  We want to create beautiful pictures.  So when you say ‘yes’ to a job like this you should definitely come with a good spirit and a good mood, and energy and not sit and complain and being on the phone.  I just think that it’s not fair.  There are so many people who are out there who want to do this.  So I think that it’s very important if you want to do this not to be thinking about other things while on the job.”   Petra continues.  “How many times where you see a makeup artist or a stylist who wants to go home, asking ‘how long we are going to be here’, ‘or are we done yet’?  I think it’s a pain in the ass, you know? ‘You want extensions now?’ uh; we’ve already done the hair.  (We both laughed) I get so annoyed and frustrated.”  You are so right Petra.  I am glad that you pointed some of the issues out, someone has to.  I haven’t been a stylist in a few years, it can be very long hours, but self-pleasing at the same time.  Petra replies.  “But when you get great pictures it’s your name on it and you definitely want the best; so for me it’s very important when I go and do a fashion story with ELLE that you really give your best.  I want people around me that want this just as much; because if you just want to earn money in this business you have to hang in there and don’t give up!”

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