Makeup Artist Charlotte Reid

Charlotte’s passion for makeup begin when she was a young model for three years.  She didn’t really enjoy it, but loved being a part of the industry.  Charlotte says; “After modeling I was working for Beverley Streeter and came across Pat McGrath, who completely blew me away and inspired me to go into makeup and find my personal style.” Charlotte‘s first makeup artist, whom she assisted, was of course, Pat McGrath.  “Amazingly I was lucky enough to assist Pat McGrath at a London Fashion Week.  I didn't do much apart from just washing a few brushes, but I remember thinking how lucky I was.  I would have cleaned anything.”  Charlotte has been a makeup artist for 15 years.  Charlotte’s first paid job, as a makeup artist, was when she assisted Karin Darnell on the Spice Girls, for the Top of the Pops Christmas Day Special.  With many aspiring makeup artists, it can become hard to break into the industry, I asked Charlotte if she agreed?  “Yes! When I was at school; makeup artist, stylists, designers, etc. weren't really heard of, so the competition wasn't there. Now in the celebrity & reality TV culture of overnight fame people forget to be patient with their careers and don't understand the importance of starting from the roots and working your way up slowly.” 

Charlotte is represented by One Makeup Ltd.;  I asked her if she could tell me how important it is to have an agent, or is it better to just "axe" the ‘middle man’.  She replies; “Not at all - my life is absolutely chaotic enough with working at the drop of the hat and last minute changes.  I also have family.  I would never have time to take phone calls, invoice, market, and keep track of my diary.  Also, agents are there to keep the industry at a standard and negotiate fair rates for the work that we do.”

Charlotte has worked with many different clients; models, and celebrities in the fashion industry.  She says; “I work with many different clients, but my funniest was working on the new West Life video, we had to travel on 8 different modes of transportation throughout the day to get to the highest glacier point in Europe. We used planes, boats, cars, hummers, you name it, we travelled on it!”

Charlotte says that she loves using “Mac face and body foundation, it looks like a second skin, not like a foundation. But different brands do different things and I could talk about many others.”

Charlotte shares three things for aspiring makeup artists on what she thinks it takes to become a successful makeup artist.

1. A good agent
2. Calm and patience.
3. Always keep things professional, but remain friendly.

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