EFM Exclusive Story - Makeup Artist Fredrik Stambro




redrik has been a makeup artist since the age of 17.  His journey as a makeup artist started when he went to art school.  He heard that a friend, of a friend, went to makeup school in London; “that sounded interesting to me, but I didn’t apply to that school, so I went to Sweden in Gothenburg.”  Starting out as a makeup artist can be challenging and difficult.  I asked Fredrick if he feels that it can be difficult to break into the makeup industry.  He replies;  “For sure, I was working at a theater for a while, then in television for a bit, and then I started doing test shoots.  It took a while, for sure, to come into the business.”  Working his way up into the industry he has assisted makeup artists; Mark Carrasquillo and Petros Petrohilos.  Although Fredrik has assisted great makeup artists, he feels that it’s important to “learn from yourself, but also learn from other people in the business.  I think it’s a good way of getting into the business.

Fredrik is originally from Sweden, where his career started out. “I started working for Numero Magazine with a Swedish photographer and got a great agency in New York.  I’ve been able to work in the fashion industry on a great international level.”  Fredrik explains that he has traveled to New York a few times without any connections or anything.  He also pointed out; “to get a ‘view’ you need a sponsor; that is my agent.”

Being a successful makeup artist you have the opportunity to work with many supermodels.  Fredrik has worked with many; one in particular he has worked with is ‘Coco Rocha’.  I asked him what was her personality like.  He responded; “Coco is a great person, she’s super hot and she works great with the camera.  She’s really easy and a super nice person.”

While on the subject of supermodels, I had to ask him if he found it sometimes difficult working with some models; Fredrik laughs and response; “well there are personalities that are not as easy.”   You can’t name names of course, I asked?  “No I’m not going to name anyone.  But I have to say, that they’re not the ones that are not just starting out, but the ones who are not doing so well.  Those are usually the ones who are not so easy to work with.  I don’t mean a lot of models, but a few, because normally, the girls that are super high level they have to be super nice and easy going because people won’t keep booking them, at least with models.  I haven’t found it with celebrities.”

Fredrik really likes the French Pharmacies.  “So many great products for special things.”  He tells me five things that women need in their makeup bag?

- Avibon for lips from the French pharmacy, it’s great for dry lips

- Concealer from Shu Uenura

- Eye lash from Shu Uenura

- Remover Crealine from the French pharmacy, it’s a great remover

- A great Mascara

Fredrik continues; “I like YSL lip sticks, but I can’t recommend a color.  Everyone has their own shade and there are different skin tones; White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. So it’s difficult to say that this shade looks good on you.”

My conversation went really well with Fredrik and he shared with me great advice for aspiring makeup artists.  “Just play around on your friends.  Buy a lot of makeup.  That’s the way you’re going to learn a lot.  Get to know people in the business.  The more connections you’ve got, the more easier it gets.  Because I’m thinking, when I started out, I started out doing test and free shoots.  I worked with so many people it didn’t take that long before I started to work.  I started working a lot, actually.  Try to work with any opportunity that you get also, then you, of course, need to be particular when you have worked for a while,” he laughs.



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