I never heard of having more than one fashion position in the fashion industry.  It's very hard to maintain and to keep organized working in this fast-paced industry. Anthony somehow manages it all.  He has worked in the fashion industry for seven years, upholding positions such as fashion stylist, fashion editor, and fashion director.  His career all began “after graduating from college he interned at Dazed & Confused magazine before becoming the full time assistant of Katie Grand. From Dazed we moved to The Face and Pop Magazine where I started shooting my own fashion editorial. I eventually then became the Fashion Editor of both, The Face and POP magazine. When The Face closed, he and Grace Cobb helped launch Wonderland, which is coming up to its fifth year anniversary in September.”


Anthony is the Fashion Director of Wonderland Magazine and the Contributing Editor of Man About Town.  I asked him what both titles entail.  “As Wonderland is a bi-monthly magazine, it takes up a lot more of my time.  I work on commissioning all fashion and celebrity shoots for the magazine and any fashion related features and interviews. We are a very small team and work very closely in all areas of the magazines’ production. I attend the women’s wear shows in New York City, London, Milan and Paris twice a year for Wonderland.  As Man About Town is a bi-annual magazine, the time scale is much easier to work with. Way Perry is the fashion director, so he commissions me to shoot main fashion and any other related features in the issue.”


The fashion industry is evolving into digital rapidly; I asked if it will have an effect in the print industry.  “I think it will definitely affect the print industry, but hopefully, in a positive way pushing publishers and the reader to re-think how they view magazines. Most, if not all, publications now have an online presence and are working with video and other mediums that are not available in print, yet still support the editorial content. This can only benefit the reader and opens up the advertising opportunities for the publications involved. I believe there will always be a need for good quality printed publications.” 


Anthony says that he loves working with creative people who inspires him, traveling around the world, visiting interesting and unusual places.  He also has had the opportunity to witness and experience some amazing shows from fashions biggest masters.


There are different opinions on whether it's becoming more difficult to be a fashion stylist. “No, if anything, I would say it is getting easier to become a stylist.  The difficult part is being a good one. I don't believe you can be taught how to be a stylist, it's a matter of taste and style.”

The best piece of advice that Anthony has ever given, “was to trust in myself and enjoy the process. It can be a really difficult industry to break into and when you're not busy it can feel really scary. I was lucky enough to assist a very talented editor and built my way up through hard work
and a passion for what I was doing.”

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