Straulino is an extraordinary photographer.  He creates his own story.  When you view his work you see fantasy and beauty.  He has a vision that only he can see and make it into an oasis. The 36 year old has turned his career from being one that no one has heard of; to becoming the beauty photographer in high demand.


His 15 year career all began in Hamburg, Germany.  Straulino says that he was limited to shooting fashion and decided to shoot without fashion.  He began to work with models and makeup teams. “That's how I knew that I wanted to be in the beauty business.  Now, from year to year, I come back with more fashion, because I know that I can get the fashion that I want and really enjoy, but still would say, I'm more into the beauty department than the fashion.”



Model Ann-Christin


Straulino's work is intriguing and very appealing to the eyes.  He built his entire career by working with talented models and makeup artists.  One particular model that comes to mind is Ann-Christin, whose interview will appear in EFM in August.  You will find, in the fashion industry, that it is a very tight-knit community and that somehow everyone knows someone.  Straulino enlightens me on the shoot with Ann-Christin.  “All the pictures turned out being shot as a series of 10 models shot together.  I was like really bored doing a one to one beauty shoot.  I called the agency on a Sunday and told them that I needed 10 models and it turned out to be this mass model project.  I was really into it and I've been doing this a few times now and out of this series I did like single shots, but it was coming out like a group shot theme, I really liked it.   From time to time, you need to improve your thinking.  That's why I said it can become boring after awhile, because with beauty, you try to use the same angel, you have different sizes of noses, faces, and lips.  You have to prove your style.  We did this 'Color Explosion', it turned out really nice.”  Straulino adds; “Destroyed the whole studio,” he says with a laugh.





'Classic' is what Straulino describes his work as; a beauty photographer.  “That's what I prefer with beauty.  It's like with fashion, it's season to season, you see it for a few weeks or for a few months and it’s a whole new fashion coming out.  What I like to do with my pictures is a bit more classic.  I try to do pictures that are sometimes timeless where you can see them in five to ten years.  It's not always happening, but most of the time I am quite happy with it because it's more lasting.”




I have never seen a photographer that really thinks outside the box and has complete control of the vision for a shoot.  I asked Straulino, how would he describe, as what I would call it, paper mask photo-shoot?  “The newspaper”, he replied.  How long ago was the shoot?  I asked.  “A few months ago,” he laughs and says; “It was like a really great Russian hairdresser.  We figured out that it was not working out the way we planned it to.  We took the newspaper and made a mask and started to put it around the model.  It turned out really nice and we loved it and we did a few more shots like this.”  Straulino says; “That's actually how I work.  Sometimes I have ideas and then I come to the studio and want to do the idea and once I see that it's not working out for me, I would totally switch it.  Before I would go with the idea.”


Straulino says to me that he prefers to see women without makeup.  “In private, I prefer a woman to be without makeup,” he laughs.  No but it's really funny, because in my pictures it's like it's totally different from what I'm really into.  Girls I see, I don't like them with a lot of makeup.  It's quite opposite to what I shoot.”

When Straulino first began shooting, he always shot on location.  Things slowed down for him where he couldn't travel much anymore, so he decided to shoot in the studio where he has been in the past few years.   Now he is able to do more traveling and one of his favorite locations is Marrakech, Morocco.  “Marrakech, it's so beautiful.”

Straulino gives advice to up and coming photographers.  “Come up with your own ideas and do not care what everyone else is doing.  That's the most important advice.  Not asking people, what they want to see, but show them what you want them to see.”

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