It is important for EFM to keep in touch with our interviewees, making sure we get the latest news on their projects.  We contacted Vincent Peters last Saturday and he was gracious enough to give us a follow up on his career.  Since our interview last year with Vincent, I wanted to know if there have been any changes on how he approaches his work.  He says; “I really focus more and more on the woman and leave the rest behind; location sometimes, even light, I careless.”  Vincent says that he try to find something in the picture that is resistant to the fast moving business.  Vincent is EFM's number one interview that has received the most views, why?  I would assume because of his instinctive eye to detail and the beauty of the women he shoots.  You can see the beauty of a woman through his lens.  Out of the many beautiful models that Vincent has photographed; such as Naomi and Isabel, you would think that he has a muse.  “Whoever is in front of the camera, or makes me breakfast.” says Vincent.

Being a photographer for only twelve years, Vincent has shot almost every model and celebrity in the industry.  But is there someone who he hasn't worked with whom he would like to snap a photo of?  “Sure, a long list,” says Vincent.  “But I never obsess about one person; it’s rather to find a way to make whoever is in front of the camera the best picture.  It’s about finding a picture not waiting or asking for one.”

It is now twelve years since taking a leap to fulfill his dream, and going to agent Giovanni Testino, (who is fashion photographer Mario Testino's brother) to present his book; I asked Vincent, has he taken a reflection of how his career began, what is he most grateful for and what has been the highlight of his career so far.  He responds; “An actress just asked me the same question, and I say ‘what is your best scene’ or ‘your best line’; impossible to say.” He said to the actress.  “In retrospect, you see it all so differently like any relationship change, when you look back it rather reflects how you feel at this moment.

Vincent mentioned that he still enjoys shooting women, which in my opinion; he has an incredible way of bringing a woman’s sensual side alive.  I asked him; what is it about fashion, women, and photography that seem to hold his interest.  Vincent says, as a photographer, he loves meeting people in the industry, but at the end of the day, when the camera is up, he says; “I’m just another guy in the room.”

Each photographer has their own distinctive and unique way of approaching their craft and their camera.  Vincent sure has his own uniqueness about his work.  Being humble when asked if he ever thought about having an exhibition of his work, a surprising response from the well established fashion photographer. “Hmm”, says Vincent; “I'm no artist,” he replied.  “Just a ‘lucky’ dude, I'm not sure yet.”

Vincent has taken his success with grace and humbleness.  Vincent worked on a book with his good friend Monica Bellucci and her husband Vincent Cassel.  When asked about if he will have his own memoir or a book featuring his work, “all in time”, he says.

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