eginning  any career can be challenging on every level; sometimes you just have to jump into the water and keep flapping until you can float.  Sometimes there will be times when you're on a job and just don't know what you are doing and hoping that no one notice your mistakes.

Liam has worked as a photographer for 6 years.  Speaking to Liam was quite interesting.  This being his first interview, he was easy to interview and gave great and vivid point of views on fashion, art, and photography.  Liam is quite a deep thinker, expressive and an articulate artist. When speaking to him and listening, it's easy to visualize what he's saying.

“Well, that's an interesting question”; Liam says when asked how his career began as a fashion photographer.  “It's a little weird to be interviewed as a fashion photographer, I guess I am a fashion photographer, I do shoot fashion.  I do a lot of stuff,” he says.  “I got my start shooting fashion in a basement on Broom Street (in New York City).  It was the worst job ever.  I had no idea what I was doing, he laughs.  I was working ridiculous hours shooting for a company in a basement.  Later on I realized that I was just being taken advantage of, Liam says with a laugh. “ There were a lot of  jobs like that” The first real editorial I ever did was CITY Magazine, that’s when I met Julie Ragolia , former fashion director of CITY, whom you interviewed.  That was my first real fashion job.  Julie sent me backstage to shoot an exposé for fashion week. I'm not really into fashion, I’m not a fashionista.  It was really cool because I got to go backstage; they wanted me to do this artistic exposé of fashion week, a different perspective than the style.com runway shots.  It was amazing.  It's funny, thinking back, that was many, many years ago and at the time I really didn't know what was going on.  You don't really fully comprehend the moment that you're living in while you're living in it.  I didn't really get that I was backstage with the most famous designers in the world, and how elite, and special that really was.  The only designer that I had even heard of was DKNY.  There was probably like millions of people banging on the door wishing that they could be backstage at the show; seeing the fashion, seeing the backstage, taking pictures of models.  I was just hanging out taking pictures and I didn't even know who any of them were. It was kind of cool.  I was just happy to be there, happy to do the work and happy to take really cool pictures.


Every individual have their different point of view on beauty or what they think beauty is.  Liam says, Something that makes you stop in your tracks and makes you really appreciate that you didn't die before the moment you saw this thing (beauty).  He continues; A lot of my work is fashion based, and what I absolutely love is the fantasy of fashion.  When I think about fashion, I think about projecting an idea of the way things could be.  You have the most beautiful girls in the world, to wear the most beautiful outfits in the world, and then you put them is a scenario and you get to create this beautiful world that doesn't exist.  That's, In fact the only thing that I like about fashion.


“Yes, Liam says, when I asked him if he thinks that it has become too common to be a photographer.  He responds; “I think that the reality is; that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.  I think that today, it's not that it has become too common for someone to be a photographer; it's that the term 'photographer' has been vague.  In this day and age, photography equipment is more readily available to the general public more so than it has ever been in the history of time.  But, this doesn't necessarily mean that there are more photographers and or that more people should be photographers.


Liam thinks that it's important to have your ultimate goals in life when making decisions about your career.  “One must always be humble, one must always know that they have things to learn, and if one sees that opportunity to learn, one should always take it, but one should not continue a position if it's not allowing them to grow.


Do you ever find yourself evolving or reinventing yourself; I asked.  There has never been a time that I don't find myself trying to evolve or reinvent myself as an Artist.  For me, I would want to kill myself if I had to take the same picture my whole life.  A.)  I would be so bored.  B.)  If I'm going to do the same thing everyday my entire life, I would just become an investment banker because you make so much more money.  I'm constantly reinventing and growing and changing my style of photography because I'm constantly seeking out things that are interesting for me and exciting for me to do.  I think that’s the only way I know how to be and that's what makes me very happy and proud of the work that I'm doing right now.  I'm proud to take a look at the work that I did last week, and I’m really happy with it, and I look back on the work I did last month, and I say 'oh wow'.  I look back when I first started the work I've done for CITY magazine and all the clients I've worked for; I am just thankful that they even hired me!  Looking back at the quality of my work, I can't believe that I was even hired by anyone; we laughed.  I'm just thankful that I am constantly growing, and that I've continuously had the opportunity to work, and develop my work.

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