EFM Exclusive Story - Fashion Photographer Francesco Carrozzini





nnovative is how I would describe fashion photographer Francesco Carrozzini.  There are photographers and there are authentic photographers.  I find Francesco Carrozzini to be an authentic photographer, 'one to watch' in the industry.  Not only by his undeniable talent, but by his character, and by his point of view on life.  Francesco came from a home of working class parents who built their own wealth and worked hard to get to where they are today.  Being the son of Italian Vogue, Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani, the natural desire of creative details and ideas, just so happen to stem from Francesco’s childhood.  He agrees by saying, “Absolutely, I was surrounded by amazing creativity since a very young age, it had to have some influence.”  So, it comes by no surprise that at the age of 31, Francesco has a profound and quite impressive list of celebrities he has worked with, from Morgan Freeman, to the queen of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell.  Not only is he a photographer, but a director of short films, commercials, and music videos.  What keeps him grounded?  “The fact that every day is still the beginning and I'm still learning, even though I've been doing this for over 10 years, it still feels like I'm at the beginning of my career.”  His career started as a fashion photographer in 2001, at the age of 19.  I was in college, majoring in philosophy, and I was asked to direct a promo for Italian MTV.”  He didn’t realize until his mid 20’s that he wanted to work in the fashion industry. “It was sort of something that just happened; it wasn't something I set out to do.”  Francesco didn’t initially set out to be a photographer; “No, actually, I always wanted to become a filmmaker, and now I'm doing both, so I'm very happy.”  Being one sought after photographer and film director, his favorite camera to use is a Leica S Series and his favorite location to shoot, is California.  Francesco travels quite a bit, I asked him what he enjoys doing during his down time. “Reading, watching movies, listening to music.”

Working in the fashion industry you will run into interesting personalities, so it’s always good to keep a level head, if you can.  But, let’s face it, everyone has a pet peeve; meaning a ‘work ethic pet peeve’.  “The thing that upsets me the most is when a magazine asks me for more pictures.  I put a lot into my work & edits and it can be heartbreaking if they choose to run a shot you're not crazy about.” 

Inevitably, there will be highlights and most memorable moments in your career.  “A recent appointment, as the creative director for the World Bank, Connect4Climate is something really exciting.  I've really been honored to work with so many talented people during my career.  But truly, the project that I'm most proud, or excited about is always the one that I'm about to do.  I try to keep looking forward.”

With every interviewee, I ask two main questions, ‘how important it is to have an agent?’ and ‘what advice would you give to the aspiring?’  I appreciate the honest opinions and enlightening views I get with these questions.  Francesco responds to the questions; “I think an agent is very important of course, but you have to be your own best promoter.”  And for the photographers; “Try to take good pictures without relying too heavily on hair/makeup/styling/model.  I think you have to find a method of creativity that can make something striking even when you don't have all of those elements.  At one point or another, some of those components will be difficult, and you have to find a way around it.”






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