EFM Exclusive Story - Fashion Stylist Kyle De'volle




ust getting back from his weekend trip on the English country side, Kyle and I had a conversation about his career.  With his undeniable, yet chic fashion style, Kyle has his own personal sense of style that speaks confidence.  Kyle De’volle is best known as pop stars’ Rita Ora’s best friend and fashion stylist.  He originally attended a University, (as he calls it Uni) in London.  He studied fashion in pattern cutting and basic garment construction.  But, after a while like so many of us, he realized that it wasn’t for him.  He left the University in his last year.  He found himself styling in his fashion designer friends’ store in London; “she mentioned to me about being a fashion stylist,” which was his first time hearing that term.  Kyle was approached to style singer Bruno Mars for a red carpet event held in London.  This was Kyle’s first celebrity client.  From there he knew that he wanted to make this his career.  Kyle put in the hard work and research. He assisted some stylists but quickly realized he couldn’t be an assistant; “It wasn’t anything against them, but it just wasn’t for me.  I can definitely do this” he says.  Kyle is known for styling some of London’s British celebrities.  He describes his work ethic as classically British.  “I feel like I definitely have a lot of British influence in my styling.

“I look at the 70’s,” says Kyle, when I asked what gives him inspiration.  “I definitely feel more at ease when I’m styling females.  Females are a lot easier.  I don’t really understand male fashion.  It’s like a fine line between looking like masculine and looking like gay.”  We laughed. “95% of my friends are females,” he says.

Kyle says that it takes a lot of time, a lot of dedication and a strong backbone, when I asked him about what he thinks it takes to be a successful fashion stylist.  “You’re going to get criticized in everything you do.  As long as you believe in the look that you put together nothing else really matters.”

Celebrities get a lot of flak when fashion critics supposedly say, ‘that doesn’t look good, what was her stylist thinking.’  They seem to forget that people have feelings and it’s just a thin line giving fashion advice and just being simply cruel.  And to be honest, they don’t look all put together themselves; we laughed.  In America we are so big on celebrities on what they are wearing on the red carpet.  I guess it’s part of entertainment.  “It’s a part of entertainment and I feel like it’s a part of modern day, like social media, we’re all so caught up in it. People don’t really take the time out to think about people’s feelings and think about personal identity.  I do feel like the world of fashion at the moment has become very clone like — like you have to own a pair of Louboutins in your wardrobe and everyone must have a Celine` bag.”  He adds; “like wait up a minute, why don’t you go to a vintage store and find a jacket and make your own bloody look no one has an identity anymore on the red carpet, which I find is a bit scary.  It doesn’t matter how much something cost, you can have a vintage t-shirt that cost you 5 dollars, and as soon as you put it on it looks like a million bucks.”

Kyle tells me one of Rita Ora’s fashionable moments.  “Oh gosh there are so many,” Kyle says.  “We have a big team.  When she’s in America we work a lot with Jason Rembert and Eric McNeal.  One of my most recent memorable moments is when she performed at BBC Radio1 Big Weekend.  It was nice having the whole team here in London and we were all pulling it together.  Rita wore a faux fur custom look.”

What has been one of your pet peeves while working as a fashion stylist?  He replies; “What really gets under my skin for me, team is everything. I feel like everyone can be successful in everything if we all work as a team.  When I work with another team and when someone doesn’t work as a team player it’s really one of my pet peeves.”  Kyle is a team player.  He doesn’t like when someone isn’t being a team player.  He adds; “We have the best team, we have the best makeup and hair,” he says, about Rita Ora’s glam squad.

After successfully working in the fashion industry for 6 years, Kyle has good advice for aspiring fashion stylists.  “Stay focus because it is hard, it is tough.  When I first started doing this I would email people and I wouldn’t even get a response.  Be dedicated and just carry on.  Don’t give up.  Especially in this industry it’s a really tough industry to break into.  It’s actually tougher than music; with music you have YouTube, it’s like all these bloody things you can get discovered as a music artist. With fashion it’s really kind of like, push your way on in or someone would have to help you.  Stay focus, stay dedicated all the way and you will succeed at the end.”





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