EFM Exclusive Story - Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Brand Consultant Alexis Roche




old is cold. Diamonds are dead.  A limousine is a car.  Don’t pretend feel what’s real, that’s it– J’adore.  The words from the 2011 Dior fragrance campaign featuring actress Charlize Theron; Styled by fashion celebrity stylist and former Christian Dior Couture VIP Style Consultant, Alexis Roche. 

He is known as legendary, John Gallianos’ long-time partner.  Roche is considered a fashion powerhouse in his own right; yes it may seem as though he is over shadowed, but rather than being in the spotlight, his work speaks volumes.  A person with his ingenuous character catapults the fashion world to new levels.  Working in the fashion industry for nearly two decades, some of his clientele consists of Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss, Monica Bellucci, and Kendell Jenner.  Collaborating with legendary photographers; Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, Steve Meisel, Craig McDean, Annie Leibouitz, and Ellen von Unwerth. Roche’s reputation and exemplary work extends around the world.


Before Roche was a celebrity stylist and couture consultant he was a hairstylist.  “At first I was a hairstylist, which was a great way to learn about the industry, to become part of different teams on different shoots.  I was able to find people I liked working with, as much as discover and collaborate with new and emerging designers.  Looking is as important as learning, watching how the clothes make different people feel, how they transform the wearer, and as a hairstylist you have a very intimate, almost conspiratorial, as well as, collaborative role in the process.”


Roche has always desired to work in the fashion industry.  “That’s been my dream for as long as I can remember.  I love imagery, and I love to create imagery so I feel very fortunate to have a role that is a job as well as my passion.  I love the whole creative process: the hair, the make-up, to the right accessories, clothing, and then choosing the girl, the pose, the light, etc.  It’s all these elements that bring it all to life.”  Roche also adds when asked; if he always wanted to be a fashion stylist; “I have always wanted to be a part of a creative team working with people, making beautiful pictures, beautiful clothes, and beautiful people.  Fashion can be very empowering and energizing it is the business to dress a dream.”


One of the questions I asked Roche; what keeps you grounded?  “My family; my background, I think my roots keep me very centered and help me stay grounded.  I am a country boy.  I grew up in Provence in a small village surrounded by vineyard.  As kids, my two sisters and I would look after each other, so growing up in a village was very safe.  It's only when I turned 16 that I started to want to seek adventure and escape.  I have always worked with teams that are a strong extended family and we all look out for each other.”


Being with his long time partner, John Galliano, who he often works and collaborates with; one could only imagine after all these years how they balance the world of fashion life and relationship life; “A family that prays together, stays together.”

Working in the fashion industry is not your typical everyday schedule.  I asked Roche what his typical day is like; “No day is ever the same so no routine should be.  To have a routine would make it predictable – and that isn’t creatively challenging!  Some days are styling someone, some days are working on a collection, or a shoot, or others are researching outfits or stories with a client.  No job is the same and that keeps things fresh.”  During Roche’s down time, he loves to escape to the countryside.  He also likes to collect ‘pop up’ books, something no one knows about him.


What gives you inspiration?  I asked; “The street! Everything comes from the street: music, fashion; I love to watch what young kids wear, how they translate their feelings and message through clothes, social media and music, they are fearless, that inspires me.”


Roche has an impeccable sense of style.  He describes his personal style; “Style should be a mix of who you are.  I like to be original, French with an English soul.”


Roche says that he’s lucky, when asked; what has been the ‘highlight’ of your career?   “There have been so many, I’ve had the chance and honor to work with the best teams in the industry, from photographers to movie directors, iconic hairdressers, makeup artists, and design teams to Oscar winning actresses, First Ladies and Queens.”


Different views, different opinions; when I ask fashion individuals if choosing to work in the fashion industry has become more difficult in the last five years. Roche replies; “Fashion is always changing, and change is good, that is what makes it interesting; it can be a hard industry to work in, but it is also one of the most inspiring ones, and challenges can teach you skills too.”







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